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Cremation Ashes Keepsakes

Spirit Pieces carries the largest selection of unique keepsakes and glass memorials on the market.  All keepsakes made with ashes are handmade by artists and include a small amount of your loved ones cremains.  Suitable for the remembrance of both people and pets.

All our artwork is made on demand with cremains of our loved ones.  Most of our work uses under 1/2 a teaspoon of cremains.  This allows you to make several keepsakes made with ashes for the entire family even from very small amounts of cremains.  Generally we will have your Spirit Pieces back in 4-6 weeks once the collection kit has been returned.

Keepsakes are a great way to keep loved ones close to heart, yet not have the bulky and ungainly full sized urn most people think of when they think of someone's cremation ashes.  Your biggest decision is do you want keepsake jewelry or home décor oriented keepsake urns.


I couldn’t be happier with my Spirit Piece. Rachael and Susan did a wonderful job. Such a beautiful way to memorialize my husband. A great company to deal with!

— Julie N.