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Location: Idaho

Turn-around time: 3-5 weeks

Filip Vogelpohl  was born in Prague, Czech Republic.  In the late 90s he stumbled across glassblowing in Oregon.  His fascination was struck and he instantly immersed himself in the medium.  He apprenticed under artists such as Cesarae Toffolo from Murano, Italy; Roger Paramore; Kevin O’Grady; Robert Mickelson and Milon Townsend.

“I work from the inside out, consciously employing traditional processes while adding innovative techniques.  The nature of this work frees the imagination, allowing everything around to be absorbed as sources of inspiration.  This medium is like nothing I’ve experienced before.  Glassblowing has filled me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity; it is a most commendable vehicle for translating my inner vision to outer reality.”

Filip specializes in ash, memorial glass art.  He loves how the medium preserves the memory and essence of a loved one.  These pieces go beyond beautiful jewelry and into the realm of commemorative art.  By creating Spirit Pieces, Filip feels that he helps to honor those that have passed.