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Hand-Crafted Memorial Art In 4 Easy Steps



Customize and purchase your desired glass art or jewelry style.



Receive a cremation collection kit with every order.



Use the kit to easily collect, fill, and return cremains.



Your unique work of art is created and delivered to your doorstep.

7,000+ Happy Customers Have Left 5-Star Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How much cremains is needed for my memorial art piece?

With just a few exceptions we only need 1/2 a teaspoon or less per Spirit Piece. The listings should have more information on the exact amount needed and our collection kits clearly specify how much cremains is needed.

How long does it take for my memorial art piece to be complete?

Once a filled collection kit is received, we'll generally have the memorial back to you in 4-6 weeks.

How are cremains sent to Spirit Pieces artists?

If you're purchasing an item with infused ash (cremains), we'll send you a free customized collection kit with a sealable plastic container. Add the proper amount of cremains per item purchased and send back to us. Ideally cremains should then be shipped to us via USPS.

Can you create a memorial art piece that contains ashes from more than one loved one?

Yes, we've had people combine cremains from both pets and people or multiple people into a single piece. You would just combine on your side.

Do Spirit Pieces artists complete memorial art pieces for both pets and people?

Any of our work is compatible with cremains from either pets or people.