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Order Followup

Hello and thank you again for being a Spirit Piece customer!  If you're reading this page it's because you've received a notification letting you know the artist still has cremation ash remaining.

As previously indicated, we ask for more than we need as we never quite know what will be received by the artist.  We give you three options:

(1) Place an Add-On Using Existing Ashes

The artist can make a new Spirit Piece with the remaining ashes and you'll get 10% off the new Spirit Piece.  We can almost always do another Spirit Piece, and often with jewelry several more.

If No Discount Code Was In Your Packaging

Email us at for further direction and for a customized discount code.  Please include in your email what you're looking to purchase.

You Received a Discount Code with Your Spirit Piece

If you have received a custom discount code with your Spirit Piece (it's a plastic card on the thank you letter), you can use that when ordering. Please be sure to add the following token product to your cart so we know you wish to do an add-on order.

Add on token   <<Click and add this to your cart so we know it's an add-on order

Click on the above link and add to your card. Mention your previous artist when doing so.  If you're ordering from a different artist, please contact us for further instructions

The inclusion of the discount card is a new program, most people will not yet receive one so don't be worried if you don't.  Just email us at for assistance.


A note about discounts

The discount codes provided will work up to $300 at which time the automatic discounts will apply.  As a reminder, you'll still get 10% off orders up to $600, and then 15% from $600 to $1200 and 20% on orders $1200+.

(2) Scatter

We can scatter the ashes at a local nature preserve or like serene location.  There is no further action needed on your part if this is your choice, it will happen automatically after 60 days.

(3) Return of Ashes

You can request the cremation ash be returned.  Much like you, we need to follow the USPS guidelines in sending back cremation ash express priority. To this end, please purchase a return cremation ash credit and mention which artist and the Spirit Piece you're returning the ash from.  This can be purchased here:

For clarity you are ordering the postage to send back the ashes.

Thank you again for ordering, and if you have any questions please email us at