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Pet Cremation Jewelry for Dogs, Cats and other Pets

I literally cried when I received my completed Spirit Piece pet cremation jewelry! It reminded me of all the beauty and memories my Rambo gave me for 12+ years. What better way to commemorate our relationship than turning a little piece of him into art!

— Megan

About Spirit Pieces Pet Cremation Jewelry

Spirit Pieces was founded in 2014 to help grieving families with beautiful handmade art and pet cremation jewelry. Since our founding we've worked with over 75,000 families to help them through the grieving process of losing a loved pet.

These beautiful Spirit Piece memorial pet necklaces are handmade with your pet's ashes contained within. Our memorial jewelry comes in various materials, from pet memorial necklaces made from glass to sterling silver opal jewelry. We carry rainbow bridge themed cat memorial and dog memorial jewelry.

Your beloved pet's memory is very important to us. We understand the loss of pet is one of the more difficult things you'll go through in life. Our cremation necklaces are meant to help keep your dog or cat close to the heart and home.

How Our Pet Ashes Jewelry is Made

Our urn pendants for pet loss are all handmade in North America. The pet cremation jewelry we provide is as unique as the pet you're looking to memorialize. We can't put memorial pet photos in our pet jewelry but we can offer the next best thing; your pets cremation jewelry will be kept safe and sound within our personalized pet pendants, rings and bracelets.

Create your memorial jewelry knowing we only use the finest crafting materials to create you pet cremation jewelry. And since it's handmade, each memorial is unique as your pet's paw print.

How Ordering Pet Urn Jewelry from Spirit Pieces Works

When you order we send you a free collection kit to put the ashes into the memorial pet jewelry. The kits are custom labeled and each artist has work flows to keep your order/cremation ashes separate from all other orders. All our artists are based in North America.

If you are uncomfortable or unable to handle the ashes, you should ask a friend if they could help. Your local funeral home (ideally your pet crematorium) should also be able to help.

Most of our work takes 1/4th a teaspoon of ash or less of cremation ash. This is about the amount of a large pencil erasure. In most cases, we'll have some cremation ash left over from the cremation of your pet cremation jewelry.

Once I Send in Cremation Ash, What Happens?

If cremation ash is available after your pet cremation jewelry is created you can have the remaining ashes returned at additional cost. You can also have another Spirit Piece memorial pet jewelry item made. You can order again with the same artist, or transfer the cremation ashes to another artist at additional cost.

Once we receive the cremation ashes, your memorial pet jewelry will be produced in about 6 weeks unless otherwise indicated. Once the memorial jewelry ships you'll receive a shipping update letting you know your memorial pet jewelry is on the way.

Once you receive your pet cremation jewelry you can enjoy it knowing your loved pet is close to heart. Like all jewelry, we suggest against wearing your memorial pet jewelry in situations where it may be exposed to chemicals. You'll also want to avoid wearing it in pools with chlorine or in salt water.

Gifting Cremation Jewelry for Pets

Looking to get pet cremation jewelry as a gift? If so, good news, we offer gift cards. Once you purchase a Spirit Piece Gift Card, we'll email you an alphanumeric code. This code can be forwarded onward to your giftee.

They can then add to cart what they are interested in purchasing and use the gift card at checkout when deciding on which memorial jewelry they wish to purchase.

Click on the listing pictures below for product information and how to order. We offer up to 20% discounts for family purchases. Free shipping available on domestic orders.

What Types of Pet Memorial Jewelry Do You Offer?

We offer a wide range of jewelry for the loss of pets, ranging from memorial Crystal Resin Jewelry to glass cremation jewelry for pets. We even carry a unique line of acrylic and wood pendants. Of special note is our opal and pet cremation jewelry line where you can pick from a very wide range of colors for inclusion into your memorial pet ring or pendant.

All our jewelry only requires about 1/4th a teaspoon of your pet's ashes. We can even combine different sets of ashes from multiple pets into a single cremation jewelry setting. This is a great option for those looking to memorialize multiple dogs or cats.

How Do I Care For My Pet Cremation Jewelry?

Generally, a good rule of thumb is avoid taking your jewelry into salt water or chlorine. Even in the case of glass pet cremation jewelry, the chain would quickly tarnish. With that said, glass memorial pendants are the least reactive of our pendants

If you are looking to care for any of our silver cremation jewelry, generally treating with warm soapy water will solve most issues. For the resin jewelry, avoid using any harsh abrasives to clean, and keep away from harsh household chemicals.

Do You Offer Non-Infused Jewelry for Pet Ashes?

Sometimes it's not possible or comfortable for people to send in pet ashes to be infused into our jewelry - we get it.  For these situations we do carry a line of urn necklaces where you can add the cremation ash in yourself.

If you're asking in the context of not having cremation ash at all (buried your pet) we do have a limited line of jewelry where we can impart a pawprint of your pet.  Dubbed 'The Impressions Collection' we only need a digital scan of the pawprint.

Do You Offer Pawprint Jewelry?

Yes, we offer a small but growing line of designer pawprint jewelry.  You can view it via this pawprint collection.  This collection is primarily sterling silver or with sterling silver findings.

Do you Just Make Cremation Jewelry for Dogs and Cats?

We certainly do the bulk of our pet memorial business for dogs and cats, but we certainly work with the ashes of other animals.  We've memorialized chickens, snakes, hamsters, parrots and so much more!  As long as you have cremation ash, we can make cremation jewelry.  

As always, email us at hello@spiritpieces.com or call us with any questions you may have.

Did you know our memorial opal jewelry can be made at home so you won't need to send in your loved ones cremation ashes. Contact us for more information on this exciting opportunity.