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Pet Cremation Jewelry for Dogs, Cats and other Pets

Our pet cremation jewelry collection is the largest and most unique in the market.  We carry cremation jewelry made of glass, silver and crystal resin. Our pet ashes jewelry safely and beautifully displays your pet's ashes.

Most of our cremation jewelry uses under 1/4th a teaspoon of cremains.  This allows you to make several pieces for the entire family even from very small amounts of cremains.  Generally we will have your Spirit Pieces back in 4-6 weeks once the collection kit has been returned.

Please look around the site and contact us with any questions at

I literally cried when I received my completed Spirit Piece!! It reminded me of all the beauty and memories my Rambo gave me for 12+ years. What better way to commemorate our relationship than turning a little piece of him into art!!

— Megan