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The underlying precept of my sculptural work is spiritual symbolism.
I aspire for the pieces to have a personal connection with the viewer, evoking a sense of thought about our development as individuals and as a collective people. I hope for my pieces to spark dreams of where we are going and who we are in the grand sense. Some of my pieces are happy and uplifting and others make one pensive and thoughtful. That is what i strive for, a personal response to a sculpture, an object, that evokes something from one's experiences in this space-time. It's so personal, the viewing. The pieces speak to multiple parts to a whole. Of many lives within Time. The conflict between our nature and the rule of Desire.

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I first stepped into a hot glass studio at Carnegie-Mellon University in 1980 and knew immediately with a crystal clear vision that I wanted to work with glass as my artistic medium. When I first started blowing glass, I felt so comfortable and knew that I could really express my ideas with this material. Glass can be blown, cast in molds, and shaped with many different techniques. I am inspired by pure color. I just love color and glass is the perfect vehicle that showcases the colors that I choose. Nature and wildlife are also great sources of my inspiration. The planets, diversity of colors, climates, creatures and conditions provide us with places for our spirits to ponder, rest and to dream.

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As a glass artist Bryan Randa works within two worlds of glass making. One of which is lamp working, with this he creates beautiful glass creatures of the ocean and of the garden at his peaceful studio in the woods of Pocasset .

The other is off hand glass blowing in a larger scale. Using this technique he makes a variety of functional vessels and sculptures of colorful glass.

“ I love being able to help others connect and share memories of their loved ones through glass at spirit pieces.

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I create my ceramic sculptures in my home studio located in the towering Redwoods of Northern California. Because of this inspiring setting I feel a close connection with Nature. I appreciate having my work displayed on Spiritpieces.com because every time my work is purchased I know that it will be looked on with love. It’s gratifying to know that I am helping someone remember a loved one with Beauty and Serenity and I hope every sculpture brings a happy memory.

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