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Top 10 Ocean Themed Memorial Pieces

Dichroic Starfish Suncatcher with Infused Cremains - SUNCATCHER | $119.00
The crashing of ocean waves, the smell of salt in the air, and the feel of sand between your toes. It is no wonder that so many cherished memories center around trips to the beach. Often those memories are what carry us through the dark when our loved ones pass on. It is only natual to want a beautiful reminder of those we love; to find comfort in seeing a physical representation of them. Perhaps it is a gorgeous work of art or a small pendant we can keep near us in our times of need, these artistic memorials hold a special place in many hearts. In celebration of our loved ones and those sun-soaked memories, we have put together a list of our ten most popular ocean themed remembrance pieces.

Dichroic Starfish Suncatcher

Dichroic Starfish Suncatcher with Infused Cremains - SUNCATCHER | $119.00


Starting off our list we have our beautiful Dichroic Starfish Suncatcher with Infused Cremains. This beautiful glass piece is created by our artist Luke. He pours his passion and talent into his work, and it is especially clear in this piece. A vibrant layer of dichroic glass within makes it the perfect ethereal, oceanic addition to any garden, yard, or window. The cremation ash is carefully added while the glass is in a molten state and then encapsulated in another layer of glass. Our Dichroic Starfish comes in six assorted colors as well as two sizes, 5” and 7”.

Ocean Ripple Paperweight

Ocean Ripple Paperweight with Ash - PAPERWEIGHT | $219.00

The Ocean Ripple Paperweight with Ash is another wonderful choice for memorializing a loved one. The way the glass artfully ripples across the surface truly mimics the flow of ocean water. Cremation ash is infused in this beautiful orb along with a swirl of colored glass. Our talented artist, Rachel, creates this unique memorial piece. She offers five color combinations as well as the option to choose your own custom colors. This is one of my favorite pieces in this list and I adore it with our illuminated base. The light shining through the crystalline orb is simply gorgeous.


Illuminated Ocean Ripple Paperweight with Ash - PAPERWEIGHT | $239.00


Ocean Wave Paperweight with Cremation Ash 

Ocean Wave Paperweight with Cremation Ash -  PAPERWEIGHT | $289.00

Another favorite on our list is the Ocean Wave Paperweight. This flowing remembrance piece captures the movement of a crashing wave. Here, we can see the delicate curve of glass and the swirling blues. Beautiful flecks of ash seem to swirl in this gorgeous work of art. Depending on your needs, the wave comes in two sizes. We offer a larger version that is 7”-8” tall, and a smaller version that stands at 4.5”. Our artist Barbara truly captures the majesty of the ocean, as well as her passion for glasswork, in this timeless memorial.

Ocean Paperweight


Next, we have the absolutely breathtaking Ocean Paperweight. Like the rest of the items on this list, it is infused with cremation ash. This one of a kind orb produced by our artist, Robert, showcases both his dedication and passion for his work. Thick strands of color are interwoven with cremains throughout clear crystal glass, giving the piece incredible depth and intricacies. This piece is available in four color variants and in two sizes. We also offer the option to fully customize your piece.

Deep in the Ocean Pendant 


Our first piece of jewelry on our list is the Deep in the Ocean Pendant. This stunning ocean-themed pendant has been infused with the cremation ash of your loved one, making it a beautiful way to keep them close to your heart. Verdant seaweed, a seashell, and sand are enclosed in crystal clear resin. The cremation ash is delicately layered over the sand. You can choose sterling silver or gold plated sterling silver for your findings. Being able to choose guarantees you will have a lovely pendant that suits your personal style.

Anchor Hologram Pendant 

Anchor Pendant Cremation Jewelry


Our Anchor Hologram Pendant is another fan favorite. These amazing, solid glass pendants are infused with cremation ash. A holographic foil anchor is contained within, sparkling and reflecting light beautifully. These borosilicate glass pieces come suspended from an adjustable cord and come in two sizes. Our artist, Dan, offers a 7/8” and a 5/8” version. The larger version makes for a beautiful statement piece and the smaller version can easily be layered with other necklaces. I personally enjoy the versatility of this pendant as it can be worn every day and compliments any outfit. 

Caged Glass Ocean Necklace

Caged Glass Ocean Necklace - Cremation Jewelry - Cemation Jewelry | $459.00

If you are looking for a unique statement piece to honor your loved one, our Caged Glass Ocean Necklace is a lovely option. Measuring at 1 ½” in diameter, each of these pendants contains a tiny ocean of swirling waters with blues and greens and a touch of solid silver and crushed opal within. Our artists, Charles and Mike, collaborate to create these one of a kind remembrance pendants. Wisps of precious gold and silver are layered over the piece before it is hand set into an artisan crafted sterling silver setting.

Coral Blast Teardrop Pendant

Coral Blast Teardrop Pendant with Infused Cremation Ash - Cremation Jewelry | Glass with Cremation Ash | $119.00

This beautiful colored glass pendant is our Coral Blast Teardrop Pendant by Jonathon. A swirling nebula of color, much like an ocean coral reef, is encapsulated in glass. Resting atop the “reef” is your loved ones cremation ash. This pendant measures 1.5” in diameter, making it a lovely statement piece that can be added to any chain.

Terry the Sea Turtle

ash in shell, dark blue shell, blue green head flippers kickstand


Our last piece of remembrance home décor on this list is Terry the Sea Turtle. This detailed glass turtle comes in many variants. Our artist, Bryan, offers it with a kickstand, perched upon a wave, or as a hanging ornament. You also have the choice of placing your cremation ash in the turtle’s shell or on the belly of the turtle, with a lovely floral design inside of the shell.

blue green head fins, dark blue shells, dark blue dots, kickstands, ash in belly

There are assorted colors to choose from as well, making this one of the most customizable pieces we carry.

Ocean Bead

ocean bead with cremains, cremation ash bracelet beads

We end our list with the Ocean Bead. Our artist, Mira, combines the ash from your dearly departed with crushed seashells, seaweed, and a blue background. This piece can be worn as a single bead necklace, perfect for layering with other jewelry, or added to a bracelet. The inner diameter is the correct size for a Pandora bracelet, as well as most other bracelet brands. I love how subtle this piece is and how perfect it is for every day wear.

Thank you for taking the time to make this little journey with me. I hope one of our pieces sparked a lovely memory of fun in the sun with someone dear. Here at Spirit Pieces, we strive to provide solace as well as joy.

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