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12 Handcrafted Memorial Jewelry Items to Keep Your Loved One Close

Handcrafted Memorial Jewelry for Ashes

No one knows the value of a moment except for those who are in it.

Each day, someone in the world loses a loved one. Whether it is your spouse, child, parent, or friend—it’s an emotional process and can be devastating.

Memorial jewelry is an important part of our lives. It is something that we cherish and wear with pride to remember a loved one. There's no better way to keep them close than by wearing them on you so you can keep them close to heart.

To honor the memory of a loved one, we can use memorial jewelry. We are here to help you find the perfect piece to help you memorialize and remember your loved one, be they pet or person.

We’ll share with you 12 handcrafted memorial jewelry pieces created by our talented artists. They use their craftsmanship to help remind those who have lost a loved one that they can always be with them.  These memorial artist are all located in North America.

The best part about Spirit Pieces cremation jewelry is that it's personalized — meaning no two pieces look exactly alike.

Cremation Jewelry Close to Your Heart

The heart is the core of our being and as such, it’s often used a symbol of love. When you love someone, you hold them dear to your heart and want to keep them close.

You can wear your loved ones close to your heart as a sign you cherish them.

Take them with you wherever you go with these beautiful pieces.

Ghost Heart Pendant With Infused Cremation Ash

Ghost Heart Pendant with Infused Cremation Ash
Ghost Heart Pendant with Infused Cremation Ash

The ghost heart pendant is a unique piece that was created by Jonathan Leon. He’s a very talented artist specializing in the use of borosilicate glass to create stunning, fashionable pieces.

Made in the shape of a heart, this piece can be worn as a necklace as part of your everyday wear. The necklace is a beautiful way to honor your loved one or gift it to someone dear, just like one of our Spirit Pieces clients did.

Chris C.

“Gave this to my mom on mother's day after my brother passed away this past Thanksgiving. She said it's the most beautiful and precious gift she has been given.”

Gold Filigree Heart Pendant

Gold Filigree Heart Pendant

Medical studies have shown that the loss of a loved one can have adverse effects on one’s health. The effects include conditions like Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as broken heart syndrome. Imagine your heart physically breaking over a loss—devastating.

You can gift this beautiful piece to someone who’s lost someone dear to them, or a pet as a memorial. You can also have it engraved to add meaning.

The memorial necklace is small in size—perfect for an everyday memorial necklace or a beautiful addition to their memorial bracelets. 

Angel Wings Memorial Jewelry

The angel wing is a very special symbol of angels. We see it in many different cultures around the world, such as Christianity and Islam where they signify protection from harm.

Angel wings also represent purity, courage, love harmony, and faith, which provide us with strength through a tough time.

Nothing compares to the love a mother has for her children. She is the soul of the family. Upon her departure, there’s always that feeling of her still watching over her family as a guardian angel.

These two angle wing pieces will help you memorialize your guardian angel and feel them close to you always.

Silver Angel Wing Charm

Silver Angel Wing Charm

The best thing about this piece is that you can add a long chain and wear it as a pendant or hook it to your charm bracelet.

For someone who’s lost more than one angel and would like to wear them both without interchanging, the silver angel wing charm is the perfect piece.

Rosalie G.

“My Special Wing from your collection in Memory of my late fiance. Initials in Memory of my Mom.”

Angel Wing Pendant with Opal

angel wing pendant with ash


The opal angel wing pendant with cremains is one of the most beautiful cremation jewelry pieces. The wings look like they’re spread open just as your angel when they flew away.

The guardian angel pendant was made by infusing cremains with crushed synthetic opal to give it a vibrant look. Pair it with a beautiful chain to get a stunning, meaningful necklace to keep your beloved close to your heart. 

Accessorizing with Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry doesn’t have to be boring.

Whenever you think of accessories, your mind pictures a woman first. Women’s accessories can be bold, colorful, and sometimes shiny. On the other hand, men’s jewelry tends to be simple and subtle.

The same goes for memorial pieces.

Memorials make your jewelry collection more meaningful by incorporating part of your loved one in every piece. Every time you’re ready to leave the house, you take a piece of them with you.

These pieces will help you do that.

Tie Dye Teardrop Pendant

tie die pendant with ash

The loss of a loved one brings more than a river of tears. As the grief wears off, their memory remains with us. A teardrop pendant can serve as a reminder of the tears you shed upon their loss.

Wearing the tie dye pendant on your heart could hold meaning that although the tears faded, you’ll never forget how much their loss made you cry.

Add color and vibrance to your closet while keeping your loved one close with this memorial piece. It’s a great fit for casual outfits like sundresses when you’re out for brunch.

Night Swirl Earrings

Night Swirl Earrings

For a more toned-down look, you can go with the night swirl earrings. They’re perfect for every skin complexion and add flair to your outfit without attracting too much attention.

These beautiful earrings were crafted by Filip Vogelpohl. He uses a technique called glassbowling, to create memorial glass art. He works on the pieces from the inside out while drawing inspiration from his environment.

Blue Moon Cufflinks

Blue Moon Cufflinks

World-renowned designer, Hugo Ferdinand Boss recommended that every man own at least three suits. One each in colors black, blue and grey for business and special, buttoned-down occasions.

Going to a wedding? Having dinner at a high-end restaurant with a special someone? Spruce up your look with the stunning blue moon cufflinks.

How lovely would it be to have your loved one with you on those special occasions? Wear them as cremation jewelry to have them as part of the event.

For example, if you lost your dad, wearing him on your wedding suit will make you feel like he’swith you, walking you down the aisle. 

Titanium Ring With Cremation Ash

Titanium Ring with Cremation Ash
Titanium Ring with Cremation Ash

Wearing a ring takes on different meanings depending on the finger.

The ring finger is associated with Earth’s moon, creativity, and beauty. The ring finger is also a symbol of romance and celestial serenity.

In most cultures and traditions, wearing a ring on the ring finger symbolizes a commitment to a romantic relationship and is often worn on the left hand.

Non-wedding rings and accessory rings can be worn on the ring finger or any other finger, on any hand.

The titanium ring is the perfect sterling silver memorial ring for men who love rings. The ring is beautiful and subtle, great for a signature accessory piece. It best memorializes someone very close to you like a best friend or sibling.

With this, you get to keep them close to you every day. It’s like they never left.

Christy C.

“We anxiously waiting for our son’s ring of his son’s cremations. The ring turned out beautiful just as we expected. It was an emotional moment giving our son such a memorable keepsake that he will cherish forever💙 His BABY BOY JAMES YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN 💙5-22-2020💙”

A Cross on Your Heart

The cross is associated with the Christian faith. A memorial of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The history of the cross dates back to the 4th century when Christianity was legalized by Emperor Constantine. He built the Martyrium, a large church over the assumed location of Jesus’ tomb.

He then ordered an excavation of the sacred grounds during Christ’s life. Around the 5th  century, word spread that pieces of Christ’s cross were uncovered by Constantine’s mother during one of the excavations.

Believers claimed that the pieces had healing powers.

When we lose a loved one in the Christian faith, we believe that they will rise, and ascend to heaven, just as Christ did. Also that when we die, we get to reunite with those we lost.

The cross, therefore, is an important symbol of faith and resurrection. Cremains can be fused into cross pieces to create perfect memorials for your loved one.

Here are some beautiful pieces that will help you keep your loved one close in a meaningful way.

Sterling Silver Amethyst Heart Keepsake

amethyst heart pendant for ash


Jewelry memorials are not just for the living. The heart themed themed memorial keepsake shows that you loved someone enough to remember them every day, even after they're gone.

As a special piece of remembrance, this cross would be a wonderful gift item for anyone grieving and going through their time in mourning.

Michele D.

“What an awesome piece! We absolutely love it! Thank you Spirit Pieces for helping us through our grieving process.”

Cross Hologram Pendant

Cross Hologram Pendant

The tiny nature of pendants makes them ideal jewelry for everyday wear.

The cross hologram reflects light and glows in the dark. The light aspect of this necklace will help bring light into your life even through dark times.

With the cross hologram pendant, you will always carry a part of your loved one with you wherever you go and in your heart.

Charleen B.

“My son lost his best friend, unexpectedly, 3 years ago and he loves his spirit piece!  He can wear a piece of his best friend and take him everywhere he travels!  Thank you!”

When Silver Meets Marble

What happens when silver meets marble? Magic!

When the Romans discovered marble, it was a precious commodity. They carved their most valued statues out of this white stone with extreme care and zeal - as though they were creating something that would live on for eternity itself.

Marble is believed by many cultures throughout history to provide clarity, self-control, and stability both physically and emotionally.

Marble has been used as a symbol of purity since ancient times because its crystalline structure reflects light so brilliantly that even scratches cannot be seen under certain lighting conditions.

Implosion Marble from Spirit Pieces on Vimeo.

Silver is a color that is both feminine and masculine. Silver has been used to represent the moon, which symbolizes female energy.

Ancient Greeks associated silver with the Goddess Artemis who was known for her purity. The Roman culture associated it with Diana, the goddess because she stood strong against all odds.

At Spirit Pieces, we have beautiful memorials crafted from both silver and marble to give you strength and clarity as you carry your loved one with you.

Sterling Silver Ring with Glass Marble

Sterling Silver Ring with 12mm Transparent Glass Marble Infused with Cremains
Sterling Silver Ring with 12mm Transparent Glass Marble Infused with Cremains

Diamonds are precious and have a high price value, but your loved one is priceless.

Keli is one of our talented artists who’s mastered the craft of blending marble with sterling silver to create remarkable memorial jewelry.

The sterling silver ring is an absolutely remarkable piece that you can wear to carry your loved one with you every day. You can also have it more personalized by having a name engraved onto the sterling silver part like one of our clients did.

Stephanie G.

“My granddaughter picked this ring in remembrance of her Mom. She was thrilled to receive such a beautiful way to have her Mom with her every day.”

If you enjoy switching up pieces, you can get extra marbles with a chain to create meaningful bracelets.

Silver Midnight Marble Necklace

Silver Midnight Marble Necklace

The silver midnight marble necklace is a beautiful way to honor the memory of a lost loved one.

Unlike traditional gold urns and other memorials, pendants can be passed on to family members, the silver pendants allow you to keep a symbol of your loved one close in memoriam.

The best part is that you can personalize it with an engraved name, date, and/or other special words or dates important to you. You’ll always remember not only your love for them but how much they meant to others as well.

How to Choose the Right Piece For You

Every memorial piece will be beautiful by virtue of the meaning they hold for you. However, given the variety of choices available, there are a few things you need to consider to help you select the perfect piece for you.

  • Think of the memory you associate them with. We have so many memories that we share with the people we love. Though all are important there are a few that always stand out. 

If your favorite memory of them is a time you were at the beach together, you might want to go with an ocean-inspired memorial like seashell bracelets.

  • Get inspiration from the things they loved. If they loved flowers, you can get a necklace in the shape of their favorite flower or add dried flowers to your piece to give it more meaning.
  • Select a piece that represents their personality. If they loved being in nature, played sports, or were a sports fan, you can choose a piece inspired by that to keep them closer to you. Here are some pieces you can choose from.
Memorial jewelry inspired by nature Memorial sport jewelry

Hummingbird hologram pendant with infused cremation ash
Hummingbird hologram pendant with infused cremation ash

Baseball softball hologram Pendant with infused cremation ash
Baseball softball hologram Pendant with infused cremation ash

Starry galaxy tree of life pendant with cremains
Starry galaxy tree of life pendant with cremains

Dichroic ghost flower memorial pendant
Dichroic ghost flower memorial pendant

Silver football keepsake pendant urn for cremains
Silver football keepsake pendant urn for cremains

Silver cowboy hat keepsake pendant urn for cremains
Silver cowboy hat keepsake pendant urn for cremains

Jesse V.

“I had two of these made one for each of my boys. Now they have a piece of their Grandpa with them at all times. They loved them I loved them. Thank you for doing such an awesome job.”

Why Should You Choose Memorial Jewelry Pieces?

  • Memorial jewelry pieces are a way of creating a living memory. They symbolize love, importance, and respect for your loved ones.

    Memorial jewelry pieces are a way of honoring the memories of loved ones who have passed. These trinkets allow us to embrace grief and, even in some cases, celebrate their lives.

  • Memorial jewelry can be very comforting as it is something you can take with you wherever you go. The sentimentality of the piece will always soothe you whenever you feel the waves of grief crashing in. 
  • Using memorial jewelry pieces will bring back happy memories of your loved one and help you feel like they're still around. Time heals all wounds, including grief.

    Wearing memorial jewelry will help you remember what they meant to you, even though the pain wore off.

How to Order Your Memorial Jewelry 

Once you select the right piece for you from our Spirit Pieces website, add it to your cart and check out. If your piece needs to be infused with cremation ash, we’ll send you a collection kit for the ashes. We accept ashes from both people and pets.

Each piece requires about 1/4 teaspoon of cremains. Send the cremains to us via USPS Priority Express as per the postal service regulations on shipping cremains. Kindly note that we don’t cover shipping costs back to us.

Every piece is handcrafted, so there might be slight differences in appearance. If the ashes are darker, your piece will turn out darker in color.

Once you send the kit to us, you’ll receive your personalized piece within 6 weeks.

The grieving process is tough and there’s no way around it but through it. Even though you’re dealing with a loss you can always find ways to celebrate your loved ones and find peace and comfort in their memory.

When we go through rough patches in life, we draw strength from our loved ones. Their presence in our life doesn’t cease upon their departure.

Let each memorial piece give you strength and serve as a reminder to live your life fully. Celebrate each moment, for it is precious.

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