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Jake's Work

Memorials for People & Pets

 I had a bit of an unorthodox introduction to glass.  Unlike most, I didn't attend school for art or take lengthy courses at college.  I only attended one formal class that consisted of five Thursday nights for a few hoursand I was instantly hooked.   I picked up glass blowing quite rapidly and very much wanted to make it my life's work.   When I'm making cremation orbs an odd thing happens... I get into a sort of zone.  Who I am seems to take a back seat to what is happening and I just watch a sort of dance happening between my hands and the glass.  It's like watching a movie in first person.  This is when my best work happens.   


Thank you to everyone that has supported my work over the years.  It brings me the greatest joy to know that the work I enjoy doing brings joy to others!
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