Copper Cosmic Bracelet with Cremation Ash Infused Glass Cabochons

By Charles

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This bold and beautiful statement arm cuff is the collaborative work of Charlie Shoulders and Vincent Pernicano. Charlie starts by making a focal flameworked glass cabochon with a sprinkling of infused ash, wisps of 24k gold and/or solid silver fume, and your choice of opal. Then Vincent takes the cab and hand-fabricates a one-of-a-kind custom-sized cuff in lustrous copper with Argentium silver details and accents. The cuff is also adorned with hand-made glass accents and is etched with twinkling stars. The artist will select complimentary colors for the accents. Additionally, the coloring is enhanced with a patina, then polished and protected by a thick coat of lacquer.  We ask for 1/4 a teaspoon of cremains for this lovely bracelet.

The copper cuffs have a silver wire and silver plated interior for those that are sensitive to copper, so that your skin is not touching copper.  Pictured with the black opal and has heavy gold and silver fuming.

Inscriptions are not offered on this product

Glass cabochon: About 1” diameter with a roughly 5/8” - 3/4” profile
Cuff: 1” width, total weight about 2 ounces

Note: This cuff is not adjustable except by a professional jeweler and only to a small degree. Bending will weaken the metal and damage the coating and may dislodge the settings.

Cuff Size Options
Your cuff bracelet can be customized for an exact fit. Please read below and  indicate your wrist size and desired gap size in the customer notes of your order.  


When considering a new cuff bracelet, the best way to get a good fit is to measure a cuff bracelet you already have that fits you well. Bracelets use a measurement of your wrist size. In cuff terms, you need to know the total inside circumference of the inside of the bracelet from end to end plus the gap, which is the distance of the opening between the ends.

If you don’t have a cuff bracelet to measure, then measure your wrist where you want to wear the bracelet. You can do this with a flexible tape measure, a piece or string or ribbon, or a strip of paper. You might secure the paper with a piece of tape to get a better feel of the fit. Make a mark where the end of the paper lays on the wrap. Remove the paper and measure from the end to the mark for the circumference of your wrist.

For example, if your wrist measures 6 1/2” (the area of your wrist where you want to wear the cuff), then a bracelet with 5 ¼” inside circumference and a 1 ¼” cap has a total inside circumference of 6 ½” and should fit you well. The cuff may also be suitable for a wrist size of 6 ¼” – 6 ¾” depending on how tight or loose you like to wear your bracelets.

How well a bracelet will fit you depends of whether you like to wear it tight or loose, alone or with other bracelets, in front of or behind the prominent bone on your wrist (or over the bone) and other factors like the shape.

You should also consider the size of the gap. Too small of a gap and the cuff will be difficult to get on. Too large and the bracelet could fall off. Generally the gap is from 1” – 1.5” depending upon the size of your wrist.

The VERY BEST way to get a perfectly fitting cuff is to measure one of similar width that fits you well, as your wrist size is not the only determining factor. It’s also very important to measure the specific wrist (your left or your right) where you will be wearing the cuff.
A cuff bracelet is one that does not close on the wrist, but simply rests on the wrist or arm with a gap (open area) on the inside of the wrist. Some cuff bracelets are adjustable, but those that are wider and heavier, or with stone settings and embellishments, generally are not. 


To wear your cuff, hold your cuff in your opposite hand, in the curve of your palm with the opening facing out. With one movement, press the lower edge of the bracelet into the soft area on the underside of your wrist where your tendons show and roll the bracelet over the top of your wrist. DO NOT push or pull the cuff over the top of your wrist, which can damage it. To remove, first press the edge nearest you into the underside of your wrist and roll the bracelet back off. With just a little practice this will be very easy.

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