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Cremation Jewelry On Sale

Memorials for People & Pets

Ordering for a family? Get up to 20% off your family order.

Unique Cremation Jewelry by Spirit Pieces

Spirit Pieces was founded in 2014 with the mission to help people grieving over the loss with beautiful handmade art and jewelry. Since founding we've worked with over 75,000 families to help them through the grieving process.

We offer over 250 different pendants and necklaces for ash; our most popular necklaces for ash are listed above.  All our work shown is suitable for the ashes of pets and people.

Ordering Unique Cremation Jewelry

These beautifully unique Spirit Piece cremation necklaces and unique cremation rings are handmade by our artists. When you order we send you a free collection kit to put the ashes into your unique cremation jewelry.  Kits are labeled with your specific information.

Each artist has work flow to keep your order/cremation ashes separate from all other orders. All our artists are based in North America.

Click on the listing pictures for product information and details on how to order. We offer up to 20% discounts for family purchases.  Free shipping available domestic orders covers sending the kit and finished Spirit Piece to you.

Custom Cremation Jewelry Options

We get asked all the time if we can offer custom cremation jewelry. Generally these requests are of two types.

Do we offer custom colors on our cremation rings and necklaces? Generally the answer is yes, the listing will detail what color options are possible. On some items we also offer inscriptions, again defer to the listing.

Do we offer entirely new designs? Generally the answer is no. If the design is a slight change of a glass pendant we may be able to create custom cremation jewelry. However, if it's a silver based pendant we can't offer custom fabrications.

In this case, we suggest you contact a local jeweler as they can offer fabrication services.

Types of Unique Cremation Jewelry

We carry a range of unique memorial jewelry across multiple jewelry types and materials. This includes

  • Glass cremation urn necklaces and pendants.
  • Sterling Silver Urn Jewelry
  • Opal Silver Urn Jewelry
  • Crystal Resin Urn Jewelry
  • Wood Urn Jewelry
  • Cremation Bracelets (resin and glass)

We carry Cremation Bracelets, unique ash rings, silver cremation pendants, lampwork glass jewelry, wire-wrapped glass jewelry and more!

Who is Cremation Jewelry For?

Cremation jewelry for ashes is for anyone who wants to keep their loved ones close to the heart. We market cremation jewelry for women, but certainly we have unique memorial jewelry for men as well, specifically our titanium ring. Men can and have wear our pendants; however we don't have ring sizes for men other than a few exceptions. We suggest getting ring sizing done by a professional as much of our unique ash rings can't be resized.

Our unique cremation jewelry rings start at size 5. If you're purchasing for a young adult or child, we suggest looking at our unique glass memorial pendants by Dan or Jonathan.

Cremation Jewelry Companies - Why are we different?

There are many companies out there doing cremation jewelry so why work with us?

  1. our work is hand-made vs many online options that are selling keepsake jewelry made in China for 10x markup.
  2. We carry a very wide range (we like the to think the widest) of unique cremation jewelry. If you were to consider only handmade cremation jewelry options, we're the largest provider to our knowledge.
  3. Amazing customer service. Call our number at 512-886-2029 and someone will pick up or call you back about your questions on cremation jewelry within one business days. If you email us at, we'll respond even caster.
  4. We love supporting artists and actively support several artists via our unique cremation jewelry options.
  5. We have over 12,500 Five Star Reviews on our Cremation Jewelry!

Unique Cremation Jewelry Near Me

We recognize not everyone is comfortable mailing their loved ones ashes through the mail. If this is you, your best bet is to search for local lamp works and ask them if they ever have made pendants with cremation ash. Pendants would be the easiest for an artist not familiar with making cremation jewelry to produce.

You'll likely be able to arrange a time to drop off the cremation ash, and pick up with pendant with ashes. You'll also save on the cost of shipping. However, you're going to be limited in your choices.

How Much Does Cremation Jewelry Cost?

Our cremation jewelry starts at about $69 and runs up through a couple of thousand dollars for our solid gold cremation rings. The majority of our jewelry, sterling silver or gold plated cremation jewelry, is clustered around $125 in price plus or minus $50.

It's important to realize we're different than Amazon cremation jewelry as a) we're handmade and b) the ashes are infused within the memorial jewelry which is much more labor intensive. Also, much of what you find on Amazon is stainless steel where ours is Sterling Silver.

How Long Does the Process Take?

We will send the collection kit for the ashes within 3 business days. It will then take 3-5 days to get to you through the mail. Once you return the kit to us (we ask via priority express to stay in alignment with USPS rules) plan on 4-6 weeks. Once we ship it out, it will take another 3-5 days to arrive.