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About Spirit Pieces Cremation Jewelry

About Cremation Jewelry and Memorial Necklaces by Spirit Pieces

Spirit Pieces is known for its amazing customer service and wide range of products.  We carry a wide range of handmade cremation jewelry for people and pets along with our home decor.

How wide you ask?  We currently list over 400 unique memorial pendants for pets and people, sourced from over 20 artists.  Each artist has their own set style of cremation jewelry.   

Ryan is known for his beautiful colored glass cremation jewelry drops and halo's, where Misha has a line of memorial pendants with colorfully added highlights around the cremation ash to keep your loved ones close to the heart.  And then there's Dan with his holographic memorial pendants for cremation ash.

We're particularly proud of our silver cremation rings and memorial pendants with crushed opal and cremation ash for pets and people.  And for those bracelet fans, we offer bracelets with cremation ash.

This is but a small sampling of all the different cremation jewelry options we carry.  While most of our products are infused, meaning the ashes are mixed into the glass or resin, we also offer a small selection of sterling silver keepsake urns for ashes along with urn pendants that are made from acrylic and wood materials.

Ordering Spirit Pieces Cremation Necklaces and Rings is easy.  Simply find that beautiful memorial jewelry you wish to purchase and add to cart then check out.  We'll send you a collection kit for the ashes.  It has a small vial you'll put the cremation ash within.  We will only ash for 1/4th a teaspoon of ashes per pet or person you're memorializing with your memorial jewelry.  

Send the kit in, and within 6 weeks you'll get your amazing Spirit Piece back so you can keep your loved one always close to the heart!