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Blown Glass with Ashes

About our Blown Glass with Ashes

Our beautiful blown memorial glass paperweights and pendants are infused with loved ones ashes. We incorporate the cremation ashes directly into the hand blown glass artwork.

We're proud to work with dozens of very talented glass artists to bring this wonderful cremation glass art to your homes and offices. Artists are well known in the glass making community. We're honored they've decided to work with us on these very important family heirlooms.

Here you'll find a small selection of our blown glass with ash. We now have over 1200+ unique memorials available to choose from to keep loved ones close. Our cremation glass art is wonderful for remembering both pets and people.

All our work only needs a small amount of cremation ash for our blown glass with ash to be created. Cremation ash is mixed into the still molten glass so its permanently, safely, and beautifully suspended for easy viewing and handing. Please note we use the terms ash infused glass paperweight and glass orb interchangeably, each of the memorial keepsake has a flat spot on the bottom where they won't go rolling.

Almost all our blown glass with ash holds half a teaspoon of cremation ashes of your loved one and there is usually some cremation ash left over from the process of creating your Spirit Pieces. If you are looking to encase all the cremation ash in a work of art, you'll need to look at our selection of glass urns.

When choosing a Spirit Piece orb, you often will have the choice of a 3" or 4" sizing. This roughly equates to a baseball and softball. We usually suggest getting a 3" if it will be placed on desk or near by. If you are placing on a mantle or shrine along with other memories of your loved family members, we suggest a 4".

Once you order, we'll send you a free collection kit for the ashes. You can read more about our process here.

For any questions about Spirit Pieces glass memorials, email us at hello@spiritpieces.com or call us at 512-886-2029