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Hayworth-Miller Funeral Home

Haysworth-Miller Funeral Home Overview

Founded in 1961 by Paul Hayworth and Robert Miller in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  The funeral home, purchased from a previous owner, was named as a conjunction of both their names, Hayworth-Miller Funeral Home. 

In 1965, the funeral home was moved to its current location at 3315 Silas Creek Parkway.  A crematorium was added in 1996 to better serve North Carolina's looking for cremation services.

Family owned, it's currently run by second and third generation owners, Frank Miller, Leslie Miller Moore and Brandon Miller. The fourth generation is in the wings.

Since the founding, additional locations have been added.  In addition to the flag-ship location at Silas Creek, there are funeral homes at the following locations

  • Hayworth-Miller @ Rural Hill  305 Bethania-Rural Hill Road
  • Hayworth-Miller @ Kernersville  141 Smith Edward Road
  • Hayworth-Miller @ Advance  108 E. Kinderton Way
  • Hayworth-Miller @ Lewisville 27023

The company employees roughly 90 employees through the 6 locations.

A few unique services are available for purchase.

Butterfly Release

Butterflies can be purchased to be released, either individually or all at once.

Dove Release

Trained doves can be released at the funeral.

Love on a Leash

Hayworth-Miller Funeral Home has partnered with Love on a Leash® to offer the comforting option of therapy dogs.

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