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Stories Behind the Purchases

We're blessed to work with families to remember their loved ones.  Sometimes we get stories shared about their loved ones and why a specific piece so fit their memories.  Here's a collection of such stories:

From Lydia:

I found my Cali baby, when she was 5 days old, in the yard covered in fire ants. I bottle fed her, raised her, and we grew old together. We spent a lifetime together. Went through everything. She was always by my side. Cancer took her away from me physically but she will never be gone completely thanks to this beautiful art. I cannot wait for my pendant. ❤️‍🩹

Thank you so very much.

cali cat

From John:

The ducky from Dan Neff arrived today. I thought you might be interested in why the ducky means so much to me, so I've attached the photo & text I sent to my family. MNS (Mom Nana Sue) is family shorthand for Sue, my wife of 60 years.

This is a hand-blown glass ducky that contains some of MNS's ashes. There is a back story as to why this piece is so beautiful to me. We were married in Madison with about $14.78 & a Philadelphia bus token to our names. Our honeymoon was overnight in a sleazy motel in Lake Geneva, WI. The next day we went to a fair on the lake, the highlight of which was grabbing rubber ducks at a booth. For a quarter we were guaranteed a very special prize determined by the number on the ducky's underside. And, yep, no wedding present was more special than the "whatever" we gave each other that morning. "Grabbing ducks" became a touchstone reference throughout our marriage.

flowers and ducky

 From Mia:

In 2014 my mom lost her best friend.. after she was cremated, I was looking for a hummingbird to place some ashes in and that's when I found spirit pieces. On Christmas 2014, we gifted my mom her hummingbird, swirled with Sheryl's ashes. She loved it and we all cried.. she got a special, free-standing hook for her hummingbird to fly on.

Fast forward to spring 2022, Mom is now going through Cancer treatment, and we spend a lot of time talking about what she eventually wants her final arrangements to be, and she made it very clear that she wanted Sheryl with her. When mom passed in April 2023, 7 days after her 60th birthday and almost 9 years to the day that we lost Sheryl, I knew not to forget the hummingbird. We decided on cremation as well for mom and I asked the funeral director if it was possible to put the hummingbird in with her, after telling him it was glass, he agreed. A few days later, I received a call from the funeral director that the hummingbird did not burn, did not melt, and did not break.. it was still fully intact, beak, wings, and all. When he asked if he should pulverize it to mix in with mom, I said absolutely not! I had more of Sheryl's ashes that I would put in with mom.. but the hummingbird, it didn't burn for a reason. What the reason is, I still do not know.. I kept the hummingbird and put it back on the perch mom had bought for it.

I went back to Spirit pieces to find something for me to put moms' ashes in, and that's when I found the Bee pendant, and placed my order. 8 weeks after mom passed, my dad had a sudden heart attack, and we lost him 2 weeks later and 1 day shy of exactly 10 weeks after mom…
With my collection kit still sitting on my table, I decided to put both of them in it. When my sister and I joke that both of their ashes in there will cause trouble, I have to remind her about the hummingbird… and if it could stand up to being cremated a second time, mom and dad would be just fine in my necklace.

Your pieces are very well made and working in Hospice, I have recommended you to many families. Thank you and all your artists for the hard work and care they put into each item, their craftmanship does not go unnoticed 

 From Hope:

I thank you for choosing to do this manner of work. The remains belong to Griffin, a beautiful soul in the body of a horse. Of the nine rescues on my farm, he was - and still is - an incredible and resilient creature. Griffin had 22 owners in 17 years before he come to us… imagine a foster child moving from home to home every nine months AND having their name changed with each new owner. He was so lost, on so many levels; wracked with anxiety so horribly, his body felt like concrete…. Not because he was muscled but because of the bracing he developed in order to handle the cruel training methods (he is a barrel racing horse) experienced.
I utilize our herd for emotional support and equine guided therapy. More people gravitated to Griffin than just about any other, I feel, because he knew pain beyond words and he chose to trust me & other humans again…. And he did not have to….. As a result of his openness to heal, he brought that healing energy to countless others, and not just for people but especially for other horses that come after him that needed support just as profoundly. This may be more than you care to know and I thank you for reading this, seriously. I can picture you creating this glass piece and wanted you to know exactly what you are handling.
memorial horse story