Caged Glass Galaxy Necklace- Cremation Jewelry

By Charles

This amazing glass and sterling silver caged pendant is a collaboration between Charlie Shoulders and Mike Kozumplik. Each customized handmade flameworked borosilicate cabochon is made to order. Each contains a tiny galaxy including a man-made opal planet, crescent moon or star, with wisps of precious 24k gold and solid silver fume, and a sprinkling of cremains. It is then set into a hand-fabricated Sterling Silver setting with orbiting streaks of silver designed for gorgeous and galactic impact. Each glass cabochon will be different, and every silver setting will be unique. 

If you want this item with crushed opal in place of cremation ash, please email us at


While all Spirit Pieces will contain both gold and silver fume, the amount, coloring and patterns of each will vary, and these metals plus the minerals in the cremains will combine to create unique coloring. The gold fume will create copper/green/peach tones and the silver fuming will create more white/blue tones. If you desire a certain coloring in this range please indicate so in your order notes and the artist will do their best to accommodate.

Approximate measurements:

  • Glass cab - 1” diameter
  • Finished pendant - 1 1/2” diameter, 3/4” profile

This listing is for the pendant only; this item does not include a chain.

Cab may rotate within the cage and may shift position slightly with larger motions but it is well secured and will not fall out.  As this is a collaboration this item will be within 6 weeks once ordered and collection kit is returned to Charles.

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For answers to common questions about this item view our Caged Galaxy Help Page.   You can see our other wirewrapped Jewelry offerings here.

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