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Dichroic Explosion Orb with Cremation Ash

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  • This memorial is suitable for the ashes of pets or people.

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  • This item takes approximately 6 weeks to ship after receiving your ash kit.

The solid glass orb with colorful dichroic glass is not just a simple object - it is a precious and emotional keepsake, an elegant tribute to a beloved person or pet who has passed away. This exquisite orb is more than just a container for cremation ashes; it is a vessel of memories, love, and eternal connection.


This sparkly orb is made with love by Tyler in Missouri. First, he takes clear 2000 degree molten glass, and rolls it in bands of cremains at a 45 degree angle to create a spiral effect in the internal core of the orb. Then, he coats it with another layer of clear glass, then uses colored glass 'frit' to add the vibrant coloring.  Next, he adds small fragments of dichroic glass to give it that sparkly shimmery look.

Once that is fused, a final clear layer of molten glass is added, encasing the cremains and keeping them safe. Finally, it is cooled overnight before it is ready to be welcomed into a loving family's home.


  • Approximately 3" in diameter and 1.5lbs in weight.
  • Flat spot on the bottom.
  • Dichroic coloring will compliment color choice.
  • We ask for 1/2 a teaspoon of cremation ash per.
  • Eligible for up to 20% on family orders.
  • Custom colors/requests not offered on this piece