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Choosing my cremation jewelry style based on my cremation ash coloring

Choosing my cremation jewelry style based on my cremation ash coloring

Showing differences in cremation ash

Choosing a Spirit Piece Cremation Jewelry can be daunting!  Not only are there dozens of styles of unique memorial jewelry, you also have to try and understand the variations possible with handmade art. So, it’s not unusual for one to take quite a while to make these decisions. And of course, you want to be sure you are representing your loved one in the best way possible, as this item and the love it represents are designed to last a very long time.

With this article, and hopefully others at future dates, I hope to unravel small little puzzles one at a time. This particular question is quite simple; is a White colored Spirit Piece the Right color choice for me?

We make a number of Spirit Piece Memorial Rings that are infused with cremains and are partially or totally colored white, like the example small marbles shown. These particular marbles are designed for use with the interchangeable marble settings, and are about 16mm in size (several sizes are available).

As you can see from the photos, the marble on the left appears to be mostly white with many tiny bubbles just underneath the surface. The marble on the right is flecked with bits of gray, black and brown of cremation ash.

Yet, if you look at the photos directly below each marble, the cremation ash used for each seems to be very similar in appearance. The ash seems both close in color and close in texture. So you ask yourself, why are the two marbles so different, and what can I expect?

The difference is the ash! Your cremated remains are unique to you – the “fingerprint” of your bones – and contain traces of numerous mineral elements. The combination of the oxides used to create the white glass and the oxides and other elements of the ash  - combine to create a uniquely colored marble every time.

That’s no help at all, you say? Okay. Based upon our experience, I would say about 90% of the white memorials that Charlie makes look like the marble on the left – with tiny clear bubbles. And about 10% look like the coloring of the marble on the right, with bits and flecks of several colors. Knowing that may help you make a decision about the color white.

Still not sure? You may have one more option.  For some products and styles we offer a Striped White option. This, in marble form, will have infused ash encased in clear glass in the center, and thin stripes of white glass swirled around the perimeter.

Striped marble with cremation ash



My name is Paula Shoulders; I’m the wife and partner of Charlie Shoulders, who is a borosilicate glass flameworking artist. My views are my own, with a sprinkling of his, and are founded upon over 16 years of working in glass, and over 12 years creating memorials.  We make beautiful memorial hummingbirds and cremation jewelry.

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