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Urn Necklace for Ashes: A Keepsake Buying Guide

Urn Necklace for Ashes

Many things seem to come more easily as we get older. Unfortunately, losing a loved one is not one of those things. One of life’s constants is the pain of loss.  

There’s no easy way to heal, but many people find comfort through creative outlets and expression of emotion.  Urn necklaces for ashes is once such way.

It's an excellent way to help process your loss and find a way to embrace the joy and love your special person or beloved pet brought into your life.  Each urn necklace holds a small amount of cremation ash keeping them close to heart.

Some people find the most comfort in sad songs. Lyrics that put words to the seemingly indescribable pain you’re feeling, minor chords, a violin’s lament -- all of these help to make space in our spirit for healthy grieving. Some people seek solace through literature and poetry, whether it’s writing or reading. But through it all, keeping your loved ones close with an artful expression of their life makes the grieving process easier.

Through the rich symbolism of art, you can find room to rest your weary heart and, when ready, unpack your grief. Surrounding yourself with healing imagery can bring great peace to your soul, whether it’s something of your own creation or an object of comfort made with love by another. 

Here at Spirit Pieces, we work with talented glass artists across North America that create beautiful works of art to help you memorialize your loved one. We work to make art pieces such as touchstones, keepsake urns, cremation necklaces, and memorial art accessible to anyone. If there is solace to be found in carrying a physical piece of your loved one, we want to be able to offer that to you.



Since the dawn of mankind, we have found ways to honor departed loved ones through art. Keepsake items symbolic of our loved ones, their passions, and personalities can bring immense comfort to those suffering a loss -- at times, perhaps even moreso than kind words and condolences.

The search for an art piece that resonates with you and represents your loved one can end here at Spirit Pieces. We carry a wide array of jewelry and glass art pieces that cater to all personalities and aesthetic preferences.

Steampunk Gear Pendant Cremation Ash Cabochon
Steampunk Gear Pendant Cremation Ash Cabochon


A memorial piece does not have to be a painful thing. Instead of reminding you of the ache of your loss, your memorial art and jewelry can be reminiscent of the positive, beautiful parts of your relationship and their life. 

Maybe they were big sports fans, and you frequently imagine them shooting hoops, scoring touchdowns, or watching ESPN in the afterlife.

If so, getting a Spirit Piece that is sports themed is a wonderful way to keep that memory close to heart.  We offer several sports themed Spirit Pieces capturing the essence of that sports loving loved one.

memorial football


basketball hologram pendant with cremation ash
soccer hologram pendant with cremation ash


Or maybe you're remembering a pet who loved being outside, chasing and playing with the bugs, birds, and animals they encountered.  Our line of Spirit Animals is perfect for representing that unbridled joy of being outside in nature and enjoying its bounty.


hummingbird with cremation ashdragonfly orb with cremation ash


By choosing a memorial that evokes a happy, fond memory, we celebrate rather than mourn. We begin to process the loss, accept the pain, and find closure and hope through the other side. 



They say it takes a village to raise a child. The same can be said for the end of someone’s life: it can take a village to mourn their departure. Grieving as a community can help lift the burden of grief off of your shoulders. It helps to clear the feelings of loneliness or abandonment that can come after the passing of a loved one. For some, hearing their loved one discussed with love, affection, and pride is cathartic.

Uniting your group with personalized cremation jewelry or art is an excellent way to strengthen that sense of community. Whether something small like sharing stones that you can carry in your purse or pocket or something more substantial like our memorial flames or paperweights, having a memento of that person when you can’t go to a physical grave can bring a lot of peace to your heart.

To this end we offer group purchasing discounts starting at purchases over $300.  For those larger family memorialization purchases, it's advised to read-over our family ordering page.


sharing stones
memorial flame



There are two kinds of cremation jewelry we offer at Spirit Pieces: infused and non-infused. The non-infused jewelry usually consists of a small keepsake urn that you can fill yourself. The infused jewelry has the material you provided incorporated into the glass or resin components. Both are lovely and subtle ways to keep a piece of your loved one close to you at all times. So, what kind of materials can be made into beautiful memorial art?


Our most popular option for memorial jewelry is cremation ash (also known as cremains.) Your loved one’s cremation ash is just as unique in appearance as they are -- ash can form in many different shades, textures, and sometimes even unexpected colors. However, many people who have lost loved ones find themselves at a loss of what to do with the cremains. It doesn’t feel right to have them sitting in a plain, unremarkable urn, and the thought of scattering them all away is unbearable. 

Caged Glass Ocean Necklace- Cremation Jewelry
Caged Glass Ocean Necklace- Cremation Jewelry

Infused memorial jewelry is a perfect solution. With all of the sparkle and personality of your dearly departed, it far outshines a boring urn. And with the ash encased safely in glass, it keeps a part of them physically close to your heart even if the rest of their ash is scattered in a place that was meaningful to them.

For a clearer picture of the love, care, and skill that goes into making an infused memorial pendant, watch Jonathan, one of our talented Spirit Pieces artists, working his magic.

If this type of product interests you, but perhaps your skittish about physically dealing with the ashes, may we respectfully suggest asking a close friend or reaching out to the local funeral home to assist.  It only take a minute to transfer for the ashes.



In the Victorian era, it was exceedingly common for bereaved loved ones to keep locks of hair from their dearly departed. Nowadays, we have similar beautiful ways to preserve locks of hair from our own loved ones. Unfortunately, we’re not able to incorporate hair into glass -- it’s not able to withstand the high temperatures of molten glass, and would simply burn away. However, there are still many options available to those who want to honor their loved one using a lock of their hair -- or fur!

Lockets and non-infused keepsake urn pendants are among the most popular pieces for locks of hair. Lockets are classic and elegant, and the pieces we carry are high quality .925 sterling silver.

If you love the idea of a locket but want something more contemporary, we offer many styles of keepsake urn pendants. They’re discreet but beautiful, and make an excellent way to keep your loved one’s lock of hair close to your heart. 

There are also several resin-based pieces we offer that hair can be preserved inside of. The lock will be safely encased inside the resin, protecting it forever. 


flower pendant with ash



Flowers have always spoken a language of their own. For thousands of years, we’ve used different kinds of flowers to convey different messages and meanings. It’s no surprise that when someone passes, many people will keep flowers from the funeral service as a memento of their loved one’s life. Spirit Pieces has developed a line just for preserving these flowers in a comfortable, wearable way.



flower ring with ash
flower ring with ash



If you would like a personalized memorial piece but cremation ash and locks of hair make you squeamish, an excellent option would be a debossed silver necklace with your loved one’s fingerprint or handwriting. A sweet message from an old note, a nose print from your dear childhood dog, or a fingerprint are all popular and meaningful choices for this kind of memorial piece.

Having the ability to touch my son's fingertip again is amazing. I know he was real; I know he was alive, but this lets me touch it, feel it. It makes him a little more "real" again.

Sandra O.


fingerprint memorial jewelry
dog noseprint memorial jewelry
We also offer a line of designer and gold dipped fingerprint jewelry.  Please note that if you order fingerprint jewelry we will ask you sign a biometrics waiver.



One of the most insistent truths life has to offer is that no two people are exactly alike. Your loved one was one-of-a-kind, and their memorial should be reminiscent of their individuality. Handmade pendants are perfect for echoing that sentiment -- every single one is unique, even if they are created by the same artist using the same technique.

Some artists go a step deeper and create pieces from a place of personal healing. An excellent example of this is Spirit Pieces’ artist Daniel Bourgeois. After the loss of his father, Dan felt that the last rites were impersonal. He was looking for something more representative of the warmth and kindness his father brought to his life, and he found that when he decided to infuse cremains into art. Creating beautiful flowers suspended in glass made the grieving process more meaningful for Dan, and the recipients of his work resonate with his intent.

I ordered this for my friend in memory of her father & husband. She gave me a small sample of mixed ashes of both and I placed the order; I got the kit and sent the kit off. She called me crying and sent me this photo when she got it she TOTALLY LOVED it. 

Margaret A. G.


flower touchstone with cremation ash
flower touchstone with cremation ash
flower touchstone with cremation ash



Grieving is deeply personal and unique to every individual. But when you’re overwhelmed with choice, it may help to have a guide help you narrow down what motif or symbol you would like to honor your loved one. Spirit Piece’s wide array of cremation ash necklaces is sure to have something for everyone.


When a loved one passes, many people begin to feel a sense of existential dread. Spirituality can often be an antidote to that helpless feeling. It can help us realize that we are more than our bodies -- which is comforting when we are missing the physical presence of a loved one. These spiritual symbols transcend culture and religion -- they communicate safe harbor.

It’s difficult to talk about spiritual symbols without touching on angels. It can bring great peace to imagine our dearly departed as an angel, safe and happy. When we look to our loved one for guidance and protection, angel iconography can resonate deeply.

Elizabeth’s experience with her angel wing pendant echoes the same sentiment.

 angel wing pendant with ash

This piece was on sale, so I thought I could spring for a lasting piece of my precious Berlin to be with me for whatever comfort it might bring.  

Spirit Pieces were very professional and sensitive about my order. When it arrived, I started wearing the piece with the wings surrounding the 'little globe' of colorful ashes.  

Several months later, I went to the beach for a vacation. I was sitting on the sunny, breezy beach and let go of the heavy grief by reversing the wings to the open position like they were flying! 

I have been feeling uplifted from my sorrow and now am feeling more joy for his release from the earthly existence. Thank you, Spirit Pieces, for helping me to grieve and grow in this way!

Elizabeth W.


snowfall orb with cremation angel
ring with cremation ash


The tree of life is another ancient and beautiful spiritual symbol that transcends culture. It appears in many different religions and cultures, and represents a center of clarity and connectivity between the physical and intangible. It also explores many healing channels, such as wisdom, strength, protection, and redemption. 


tree of life glass pendant with cremation ash
My father passed away earlier this year. One of the fondest memories I have with my dad when I was younger was watching a meteor shower with him at the lake we used to go to every summer. The moon was huge and I loved laying on the picnic table watching the show with him. The moon and stars always remind me of him. This was perfect. It was more beautiful than I imagined it would be. The way his ashes formed a galaxy on the back made it all the more meaningful and beautiful to me. Thank you for this beautiful piece. I wear it every day so he is always with me. ~ Pamela



The circle of life is a simple fact of nature. We are born, we live off the earth, and when we pass away we return to the earth. This fact can bring great peace to those whose loved ones were avid outdoors and nature enthusiasts. Whether your dearly departed spent their free time hiking, at the beach, or gardening, there are Spirit Pieces that will help you feel closer to them by connecting you to their passions.


cairn with cremation ash



Scientifically-minded people may find more comfort by looking to the stars and beyond, towards the vastness of the universe. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, so it can bring a sense of peace to know that our loved one could have found their new home out there in the cosmos. They aren’t gone, their essence is just powering a supernova lightyears away. Grief can yield to peace if you consider they are a part of the universe in another way. 


hally comet with cremation ash


I got 4 of them with my youngest of 3 daughters, Haley’s ashes. Her 2 sisters and best friend (“sister”) couldn’t be more pleased as she was the outer space to their sun and moon. They all came out beautifully, with differences that made them even more perfect, just as she was unique and different.  

They couldn’t imagine a better way to memorialize our beloved girl than these pieces. Now I can spread the rest of her remains so they can be free like her spirit is. This is so much better than an urn or other vessel, it’s something you can touch when you're needing comfort. Thank you, Spirit Pieces, for giving us such a beautiful, affordable, memorial piece.

Deborah C.


pendant with cremation ash
deepspace pendant with cremation ash


Here at Spirit Pieces, we pride ourselves on our high-quality items. No matter the material, your Spirit Piece will stand the test of time whether it’s a special occasion statement necklace or a daily-wear ring.


A wide array of the pieces we offer have settings made of .925 sterling silver. These pieces are classic in appearance and perfect for daily wear. We also offer several pieces that are 14K gold or gold-plated. These materials are high quality, and just as durable as they are beautiful.


sterling silver with mica and cremation ash
ring with cremation ash



For something with a more colorful, funky feel, we offer several non-infused keepsake urns made of acrylic. For those that are fans of vibrant colors but would like something that feels a little more elegant, we offer infused jewelry that can be filled with crushed opal in many different colors and shades.


pendant acrylic for cremation ash
pendant acrylic for cremation ash



ring for  cremation ash
ring for  cremation ash



We offer a variety of jewelry pieces that are made of, or set with, crystal resin. It’s a great choice when it comes to safely encasing your loved one’s cremains and still allowing them to be visible.

flower pendant for cremation ash
beads for cremation ash
bead with cross for cremation ash


Polymer clay settings are offered with a resin-sealed cabochon made of crushed opal and cremation ash. These pendants are more sculptural and retro in feel, so they are perfect for those who love a more vintage style.

flower pendant for cremation ash
flower pendant for cremation ash


Finally, our most popular option for cremation jewelry: glass. While somewhat fragile, many of our glass pendants are still stately and intricate. Spirit Pieces is proud to work with artists who use many techniques, from lampwork to flamework. Glass pieces can be made in a huge variety of shapes and colors, from petite sculpture pendants to simple yet mesmerizing circle pendants.

 glass pendant with ashes from people and pets\tree of life pendant with ashes from people dogs and cats


Once the Ashes are Added, Can I Remove Them

For better or worse, once cremation ashes are added to the memorial jewelry it can not be separated out.  This is because we're fusing the cremation ash with the resin or glass; also termed vitrification.  

Once the ashes are mixed into the substrate (resin/glass) it is solidly contained within and even crushing the material will not allow you to separate the cremation ash.

The only expectation to this is our sterling silver memorial jewelry. In this case, since the pendants are hollow if you break the pendant open (which would destroy it) the ashes can be transferred to another memorial urn pendant.


Ultimately, the takeaway is that infused memorial jewelry can feel much more personal than a mass-produced urn that dozens of other people are using an exact copy of. Should you choose to have Spirit Pieces help memorialize your loved one, ordering cremains-infused keepsake items is simple.

Once you find the piece or pieces that speak to you, you may need to provide information regarding the desired size, finish, engraving, and color. Once you’ve made your purchase, a customized collection kit will be mailed to you within the next 2-3 business days. This kit will contain a vial, a funnel, and all the specific information you will need to ship the cremains to the artist who will create your order. After you’ve mailed your kit, your piece will be completed 4-6 weeks from the day the artist receives your kit.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate and honor your lost loved one, it is valid. After all, there is no blueprint for grief. All anyone can do is work to find joy in the memory of their dearly departed.

Pinterest pin URN necklace

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