5 Stone Glass Cairn with Cremation Ashes

By Erin

These Cairn Sculptures with Cremation Ash are difficult but also a lot of fun to assemble. Each stone is made individually by blowing hot glass, applying glass color and a streak of cremation ashes, and sculpting them with a variety of tools into a stone shape. As each stone is completed, it is placed in a kiln at 940 degrees.

Once they are all made, they permanently fuse them to each other by using a hot torch that is about 5,000 degrees. Once all of the stones are stacked, we remove the sculpture from the pipe.  

This Cairn is approximately 12" high and weights close to 7lbs.  Made by Erin, it will ship 4-6 weeks after receipt of the free collection kit.  We ask for a tablespoon of cremains.  Available in 3 color schemes, primary color scheme is sand.

For more information on how to order and to learn about our family discount program, add to cart and then click this link. Collection kit(s) are sent automatically and included in the price if you're ordering cremains infused products.

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