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5 Stone Glass Cairn with Cremation Ashes

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  • This memorial is suitable for the ashes of pets or people.

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  • This item takes approximately 6 weeks to ship after receiving your ash kit.

Cairns are traditionally used for a variety of reasons, including by families in memory of a loved one's passing, or by climbers as a symbol of success in reaching a mountain summit. With your loved ones’ ashes incorporated into this Cairn Sculpture, it is a beautiful way to honor them and their journey through the summit of life.


These Cairn Sculptures are very difficult to make, but a lot of fun to assemble! Each stone is made individually by blowing hot glass, applying glass color and a streak of cremation ashes, and sculpting them into a stone shape. As each stone is completed, it is placed into a 940 degree kiln. Once all the stones are formed, they are permanently fused together using a hot torch that measures roughly 5,000 degrees. Once the stones are all stacked, the sculpture is removed from the pipe.


  • We ask for approximately 1 teaspoon of cremains.
  • This piece ranges from 7-10" tall and weighs nearly 7 pounds.
  • An inscription of up to 9 characters can be added to the back of this piece. Please mention inscription in the checkout notes.
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