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Memorial Glass Flame with Ashes from Cotton Shirt

By Robert

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This lovely glass memorial flame has ashes from a cotton shirt from your loved one infused around a spiral colored design through the middle of the glass flame.  A very artful use of ashes it is about 4.5" high by 2.5" wide and 1" deep (approximately) and weights about 8 ounces.  The 7" version is about 3.5" wide 1" deep and weights about 13 ounces. 

This is both a wonderful way to remember someone special and to add a piece of art to your home.  Can be purchased with optional light stands make them memorial nightlights.  Alternatively, an engraved base can be purchased and attached to the bottom of the flame.

How it's Made

This memorial flame is made by Robert from California who incorporates the ashes into still molten 2000 degree colored glass core.  The colored core is then twisted and coated with an additional clear coat of molten glass, then formed into a flame shape.  The flame is cooled over 48 hours and then flame polished before being carefully packed and shipped.


  • Uses up to half a teaspoon of ashes from a 100% cotton shirt.
  • You can burn the shirt and send in the ashes, or send in at minimum a 4" x 4" fabric swatch.
  • Solid glass encasement protects the ash forever.
  • Purchase includes collection kit.
  • Eligible for up to 20% off for larger family purchases.
  • Ships within 4-6 weeks of collection kit's return.
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  • Free shipping covers sending you the kit and flame, you're still responsible for paying to send the ashes back (we suggest priority class mail for this item)
  • The bottom of the flame can be inscribed with up to 10 characters for additional cost.
  • For colors of all the flames, please visit the listing for cremation ash infused flames.


If you want engraving for up to 45 characters we do offer a separate glass base with engraving for the flames at extra cost.  You can view/add to cart by viewing this link.  


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