Dark Confetti Orb with Cremation Ash

By Aaron

The black Confetti has a darker mix of colors than our Rainbow Confetti.  A small amount of cremains is added to the glass orb at the time of formation when the glass is molten; generally we only use 1/4th to 1/2 a teaspoon of ash per orb.   As each ornament with ash is handmade for you there will be differences in color mix and swirls.  Available as a paperweight or in one or two hooked configurations.  These are solid glass ornaments.

Upon ordering we'll send you a collection kit once this is returned to us expect delivery in 2-4 weeks. Eligible for up to 20% on larger family-sized orders.

Please note Aaron will be on a short break the month of July.  Any kits sent in will be held until he returns.

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