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Glass Peeper Frog with Cremation Ash

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 These adorable glass peeper frogs are a lovely addition to any water feature, garden,  indoor garden, or a sunny nook by your window.

How It's Made

The mythology surrounding frogs as spirit animals highlights their symbolic connection to change, adaptability, and life cycles. Ryan H, a skilled artist, crafts adorable miniature frogs using a technique called glass flameworking.
The process begins by infusing cremation ash into the glass to become the animal's body. This ash becomes an integral part of the sculpture, adding a special significance and personal touch to the final piece. Next, he prepares a dome shape by impressing a gather of molten glass into a graphite mold, creating the desired dome shape. Then, the glass containing the cremation ash is carefully joined with the glass dome. This fusion occurs at a high temperature, typically above 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. The hot fusion ensures a strong bond between the ash-infused glass and the dome.
Ryan uses hand-held graphite and steel tools to shape the glass body into the likeness of a frog. He creates the frog's legs and toes by melting pre-stretched glass rods onto the surface of the glass dome. This process requires skill and precision as he carefully manipulates the molten glass to form the desired shapes and textures.
Once the frog sculpture is complete, it undergoes an annealing process to relieve any thermal stress generated during fabrication. Annealing involves subjecting the glasswork to a temperature of 1050 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to cool gradually. The annealing process ensures the structural integrity and longevity of the keepsake.


  • Total height 1 3/8", dome is 3/4" frog is 5/8" (approximate). 1 5/8" wide.
  • We ask for 1/4 teaspoon of ash per frog, ashes are in frogs back.
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