Handsculpted Ceramic Bloom Jar for Cremated Ashes

By Bonnie

This amazing ceramic urn jar for the ashes of loved ones is adored with a ceramic bloom resting on the urn.   This is handmade by Bonnie in California via the wheel-throwing technique.  

This is not meant to hold all of the cremation ash of a grown adult but should hold the cremated remains of pets and children.  This is not threaded so it needs to be glued together if you wish to make it one piece.  We suggest a small double-lined cloth bag hold the ashes if you wish to be able to open this.  Dimensions are 4" high and 5" in diameter.

As this is a handmade item, production time is 4-6 weeks.  The delivered product will be very similar, but not exactly the same, as the picture provided.

For more information on how to order and to learn about our family discount program, add to cart and then click this link. Collection kit(s) are sent automatically and included in the price if you're ordering cremains infused products.

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