White Dogwood Tree of Life and Sparkle Swirl Orb with Infused Ash

By Rachel

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This stunning wire White Dogwood Tree of Life has been hand-twisted by Carol using over 275 feet of 20 and 22 Gauge wire. This Tree of Life is about 6" high and 5" wide and comes with a wood Stand.  If a 4" Orb is purchased will be about 10" high and 8" wide.

The design of this White Dogwood Tree was finally created after attempting many different patterns and twisting many hours.  Each flower is hand twisted using white, black and gold colored wires.  Once finished, the tree is placed on a beautiful wood base that has been professionally dried and sanding.  Each tree is signed by twisting Carol's initials into the root system.

Dogwoods are symbolic to many cultures and represent Life, Stability, Passion and Determination.

This has been bundled with a Sparkle Orb by Rachel (pictured is Purple and Light Green.)  Select your color of the Sparkle Orb below.  The Sparkle Orb uses 1/2 a teaspoon of ash; a collection kit will be sent to you upon ordering from this website.  If you would like a color combination not listed let us know at hello@spiritpieces.com we can likely do it.

As this is a collaboration between two artists this will take 8-10 weeks to complete.  The Sparkle Orb will ship prior to the tree you'll be able to add in the orb yourself once the tree arrives.   Please defer to paperweight listing for guidance on ash usage.

Please note any tree by Carol needs to be ordered by October 15th to be ready by Christmas.




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