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Spruce Tree of Life with Spiral Bubble Flame Orb with Cremains

By Tyler (See more by Tyler)

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This gorgeous Spruce Tree of Life has been bundled with a bubble flame orb to create a beautiful memorial display. The spruce is permanently attached to a professionally dried and sanded cypress base that has a pine tree burned into the underside, as well as stamped with roman numerals representing the year it was created. A small glass bell votive and electric tea-light have been included with this purchase to illuminate the orb from below. 

** Carol's Christmas Deadline is October 10th **


The tree portion of this bundle is meticulously hand-twisted by Carol. She uses three tones of green 24-gauge wire to help produce the color tone necessary to capture the beautiful blue hue often seen in spruces throughout the country. The roots and trunk of the spruce have been made with 200 feet of 20-gauge copper wire, and tones of brown to create Carol's signature nest that is intertwined into the branches. Each completed Blue Spruce has approximately 800 feet of wire in the branches alone. The orb portion of this bundle is created with love by Tyler.


  • We ask for approximately 1/2 teaspoon of cremains.
  • The tree stands between 12"-14" and 5"-6" in diameter. The base measures 9" by 7" by 2".
  • Eligible for up to 20% off for larger family purchases.
  • As this is a collaboration between two artists, this bundle can take 6-10 weeks to fully complete. The pieces will ship separately, and the orb will ship prior to the tree. The orb is extremely easy to add in yourself once the tree arrives.
  • For information on ordering and discounts, add to cart and look over our How To Order page.
  • Free shipping covers sending you the kit and Spirit Piece. You're still responsible for paying to send the cremains back.