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Things to do With Loved Ones Ashes

soft twist urn for cremation ash

The Utility of Cremation Ash

For most people, the thought of where to put ashes usually stops at the classical funeral urn; ashes are poured in, sealed, and put on the mantle never to be touched again. However, it would surprise many there are dozens of things to do with loved ones ashes.

Creative Ideas for Cremation Ash

The first step towards better understanding the wide range of options is to think of cremation ash not as a singular item but more of a substance you can sub-divide almost to infinitium and that can take many shapes. Once this basic fact is understood, you can start to understand how one can utilize ashes in creative ways.

For example, take a clear glass urn. Functional if not visually sufficient to hold the ashes of pets and people. We can do better though.

Let's add a dash of color to it and then twist it to add some texture. We then add a nice top, and we end up with a lovely twist urn that can hold a small amount of ash - perfect for a close friend or family member not looking to have all their loved ones ashes in the house.

soft twist urn

What to put Ashes In

Of course, there are may other things to make ashes with besides urns, be they full sized or not. A person's ashes should be used in a way that encapsulates their life, much like how the keepsake urn encapsulates a small amount of their ash.

Other ideas can range from glass orbs with ash to hummingbirds with cremation ash. Or you could consider getting cremation jewelry. There's such a wide range of opportunities to use ash in creative ways beyond the usual motifs of heart urns or vase urns. Unique Urns ranging for 3D Printed urns to biodegradable urns can be found online, be it on Amazon or more unique companies like those who put ashes into Vinyl records.

Cool Things to Do With Ashes

Beyond physical memorials, be they heart urns for ashes or gold urns for those that are at the higher echelon of income, one can always consider more experiential uses of ash. This could include scattering ashes into rapids while white water rafting to taking ashes up on a mountain side hike to be scattered. Like swimming, you can leave a bit of ash at an eternal reef. Or work with Celestis and send your loved ones ashes int outer space!

And again, it's not an all or nothing idea. One need only take a small amount of a person's ashes for each adventure and keep the bulk of the ashes of the loved one close.

And consider, one does not necessarily have to scatter ashes on these adventures. We've seen little headstones that hold ash that could be left on a trailside and then there's always our touchstones with ash that can be left in discrete places. A beautiful piece for a beautiful memory in a beautiful location. And since in this case the ashes are infused in glass, legally they are not considered cremation remains, human ashes or otherwise.

Another concept is to focus on your yard/garden area. We offer a lovely collection of glass orbs with ash that could be hung in a garden or placed by a small fountain.  These orbs are solid glass and will weather much like a rock, be it is a glass rock with cremation ash.

Urn for Ashes Near Me

But where does one start their search for the perfect urn? Well there's always us, Spirit Pieces. We have over 1200 unique memorials, from standard glass art urns to angel wing memorial necklaces. But there's lots of cool urns for ashes you can find at funeral homes; often a funeral home director will be aware of cremation urns that are not commonly seen on the market and have additional thoughts on memorial ashes ideas that can be of interest to you.

Further Ways to Memorialize Ashes

Here is a short list of the companies we've heard that you may want to check out when researching what to do with someone's ashes and ways to memorialize their memory.

 A Word About Pet Ashes

 When we hear urn for ashes and talk about ways to display ashes, we don't normally include pet ashes in that conversation, but we should.  Pets are in effect family, and keeping their ashes close to hear and home is often as important for closure as it is for our two legged family members.  Much of the same principals discussed above are applicable for the memorialization of pets.  

One different consideration is the amount of ash you'll be getting back.  If you're cremating a dog or cat, you'll be receiving in almost all cases multiple cups of ashes.  However, if you're cremating a bird or small mammal, you may only have a couple of tablespoons of ashes.  

For this reason, if you are cremating a small family pet and wish to distribute the ashes, we do suggest looking at cremation jewelry specifically.  While you can find very affordable cremation jewelry on Amazon, if you're looking for precious metal keepsakes consider our site.  We carry sterling silver through 24K gold cremation jewelry or lesser gold necklaces to put ashes in.

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