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Selling Cremation Jewelry on Amazon

ring with cremation ash

We get asked often enough if we sell our infused cremation jewelry on Amazon.  The short answer is we do not due to some of Amazon's regulations.

Specifically, they frown on selling products infused with cremation ash from pets and people and we've decided not to invest the time and effort to build up multiple listings if there's a chance they made change their policy in the future.

There's also the fact we have a complicated workflow that differs from 99.99% of  the items sold on Amazon.  We have to send you a kit, you need to send the kit back, then we make the piece.  As Amazon can't track this level of workflow issues arise we've decided doesn't justify the energy to invest into setting up listings.

With this said, we do sell a limited number of non-infused cremation jewelry and home decor items on Amazon.  But we hope you purchase off our our site here since we offer our best pricing and discounting direct to consumer.

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