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8 Breathtaking Memorials for Your Pet

Memorial Glass Flame with Cremation Ashes

In recent decades, our collective relationship with our pets has evolved.

Sharing our home with an animal or two is nothing new. We’ve been snuggling furry friends and tossing them morsels of our dinner for thousands of years. Long ago, some wolves sidled up to the campfire, and some cats started offering pest control in exchange for scritches and milk.

The rest is history. But these days, pet owners are taking more interest in providing their animals with better and fuller lives. Pets are more and more considered to be full-fledged family members.

There are various societal reasons behind this shift, but the fact is that pets are more often simply getting the love that they deserve. After all, they brighten our days, comfort us when we’re hurting, and keep us youthful. In turn, we must provide them with love, security, and happiness.

Sadly, many of us will outlive several beloved companions in our lifetimes. With all facets of pet care evolving, it’s no wonder that we’re learning new ways to memorialize our furry family members.

Saying goodbye is hard, and yesterday’s cold, impersonal ways of disposing of remains are no longer viable for many modern pet owners.

Losing a pet isn’t like losing a family member—it is losing a family member. And the remains of our departed family members should be treated with dignity and love.

If you want to truly memorialize your deceased pet, let’s explore some incredible options for turning cremation ashes into beautiful personalized memory keepsakes. 

What to Do With the Remains of a Treasured Pet?

Egg Cremation with Infused Cremains

As with human remains, the most straightforward and traditional way of dealing with pet remains is burial. A burial returns an animal to the earth and creates a special piece of ground that holds their memory.

Of course, not everyone has an available plot of land for this type of ceremony. Pet burials are also not allowed or recommended in all areas.

If professionals don’t perform a burial, the remains could potentially be dug up by other critters. Or they could eventually be exposed by the elements or by future construction activity.

Furthermore, if the pet was euthanized, the euthanasia drug will remain in their buried body for up to a year. This substance can be dangerous if ingested by other pets or wildlife.

Pet cremation and pet cemeteries provide alternatives to backyard burials. Cremation offers a more professional and dignified process than dealing with the remains yourself. It’s safe and clean and more akin to how we care for the remains of our human loved ones.

Once cremation ashes, also known as cremains, are produced, you’ll have a second choice to make: choosing a suitable final resting place

Cremains are often kept in an urn or box that’s either put away or displayed. Other mourners prefer to scatter the cremation ashes in an outdoor area that holds special meaning.

Or, the cremains can be used to create a more lasting memorial. Infusing cremains into handcrafted pieces of artwork provides a treasured keepsake that preserves the essence and memory of your lost loved one.

Let’s explore some of the incredible craftwork that goes into the creation of personalized cremation ash Spirit Pieces ornaments, jewelry and home decor.  

How Personalized Cremains Ornaments Are Made 

creating personalized sympathy memorial ornaments from glass with ash content
Image from: vimeo.com

At Spirit Pieces, we provide cremains-infused art piece ornaments that can be held and touched. In this way, a memorial is created that’s a loving representation of the time you shared with your lost loved one.

All of our memorials are equally suitable for the cremation ashes of humans or pets.

Our talented artists work with a variety of mediums, including painted portraits and resin jewelry ornaments.

In particular, we work with a number of expert glassworkers that specialize in the infusion of cremains into various glass art forms.

Glasswork involves the use of heat to transform the shape of a piece of glass. A furnace, torch, or lamp is used to heat the glass.

Once its temperature is high enough, the glass becomes a more fluid substance that can be manipulated into the desired form.

Glass artists specializing in personalized memorial ornaments infuse cremains into the glass.

The cremation ash is spread out in thin lines on a flat surface. While the glass is in its hot molten state, the artist presses it onto the cremains. The ash forms foamy streaks within the glass that the artist then complements with streaks of colored glass.

Every cremation ash memorial is unique. The pieces are handmade, leading to imperfections and differences in each one. However, there are numerous designs to choose from. The artist will recreate the design and incorporate personalized requests when possible.

Here are eight memorial ornaments to consider as you plan your remembrance of a departed pet. 

Glass Paperweight With Cremation Ash

Pink Tan & Green Cat Eye Cremation Orb with Infused Cremains
Pink Tan & Green Cat Eye Cremation Orb with Infused Cremains

Glass orb paperweight ornaments with infused cremation ashes are elegant and beautiful.

Thanks to the simple sphere shape and the absence of any frills or showy design elements, these memorials are perfect for those who prefer simpler tributes. However, while the design may be straightforward, the art is breathtaking.

Glass artists create streaks of colored glass that run top-to-bottom within the clear glass. The swirling colors are mesmerizing—yet a sense of peace emanates from the orb.

Perhaps the tranquility of memorial orbs comes from the unique vision of the wild colors gently contained within the strong and stable glass sphere. And running through the glass, you’ll find a delicate, wispy streak of your beloved pet’s cremains.

“We lost our heart-dog in March unexpectedly from cancer after 10 years of companionship. This gorgeous globe is sitting on the shelf with his ashes, pawprint, cards, and other things that remind us of him.” - Rebecca C. on the Glimmer Paperweight by Aaron 

Tree of Life Memorial

personalized tree of life memorial ornaments for remembrance of a loved one
Weeping Willow Tree Of Life with Tranquil Swirl Orb Infused with Cremains

To transform ashes into a truly stunning piece of art, consider a Tree of Life Memorial. Each piece combines a gorgeous glass orb with a hand-twisted wire tree. The two art forms combine to create an entire scene, full of natural wonder and spiritual energy.

As in other glass memorials, the cremains are laid out in lines and then rolled into the molten glass. Color is added, and then the orb is combined with its tree. Each tree consists of hundreds of feet of wire masterfully wound into a realistic design.

“Absolutely fantastic. I love the dogwood and what it symbolizes. I had the ashes of my sweet dog blown into the orb. It is a very special piece and I absolutely love it!” - Kasey V. on the White Dogwood Tree of Life and Sparkle Swirl Orb with Infused Ash by Rachel 

Earrings With Cremation Ash

Tie Dye Stud Earrings with Cremation Ash
Tie Dye Stud Earrings with Cremation Ash

A set of earrings infused with cremation ash is a special way to carry a piece of your loved one with you. As an art form, glass earrings allow for intricacy and beauty delicately contained in a small package.

Many who choose earrings as their memorial ornament take joy in the gentle physical contact that occurs throughout the day while the earrings are worn.

In this way, little love-taps occur again and again around the ears and neck, bringing joyful remembrance of our departed pet.

“I have my sweet boy Apollo with me every day, and love the earrings as well as the design. They say dogs go to the ‘rainbow bridge,’ so the tie-dye design reminds me of this.” - Karen D. on the Tie Dye Stud Earrings with Cremation Ash by Jonathan

Ring With Cremation Ash

wildflower ring

Rings are another wonderful jewelry option for personalized memorial ornaments. Cremains can be infused into the band or featured in the head. 

Despite their small sizes, rings are an incredibly varied and dynamic art form. For example, the Wildflower Ring pictured above is made from beautiful crystal resin. Encased inside are not only cremation ashes but real, colorful wildflower blooms. 

Capturing the essence of wildflowers brings thoughts of everlasting life, even as the blooms share their space alongside the remains of a beloved pet that’s passed away.

“I feel much more at peace since my ring was delivered! Losing our wonderful dog after almost 16 years was horrible! I feel like ‘Chance’ is with me again in a small way and always will be. Thank you for what you do with this precious part of our hearts!” - Gary P. on the Sterling Silver Ring with 12mm Opaque Glass Marble Infused with Cremains

Sleeping Glass Cat Memorial With Cremation Ash

glass cat memorial ornaments in remembrance after the loss of a loved pet cat

Illuminated Half-Tone Memorial Sleeping Glass Cat - Contains Cremation Ash in Glass

While all personalized memorial ornaments can be made from either human or pet cremains, some are designed specifically for pets.

The Sleeping Glass Cat is a paperweight memorial for holding the memory of a beloved pet feline. The cremains are visible as gray grains under a layer of clear glass—other colors within the glass help to depict the figure of a curled, resting cat.

Watching a restful cat is relaxing. Their grace and beauty are on full display even as they sleep. With an ashes-into-glass memorial ornament, you’ll have a lasting reminder of your feline friend, depicted in a serene and peaceful state.  Available in a multitude of colors to help memorialize your kitty.

“Absolutely beautiful, more than I could have hoped for. My kitty is now sitting in the window ledge where she would have loved to be and where I can see her and remember her every day. Such wonderful craftsmanship! My kitty passed almost five years ago, her wooden box sitting on the shelf brought me no joy… but seeing this sparkling in the window ledge every day brings ‘warm fuzzies.’” - Richelle S. on the Half Tone Memorial Sleeping Cat with Cremation Ash by Foster.

Paw Print Pendant With Cremation Ash

personalized paw print pendant memorial ornaments in memory of a deceased pet
Pawprint Snowfall Orb with Cremation Ash

Another poignant memorial design made specifically for pets is the glass paw print pendant with cremains.

These pieces feature cremation ashes delicately shaped into a paw print. The ash is encased in a sturdy, clear glass orb. The glass keeps the ashes safe, secure, and visible.

Streaks of colored glass complete the design and provide the majestic swirls that glass art is known for.  Multiple colors are available to choose from and other designs exist if you wish for a more unitarian design.

“I got a rose globe for my niece’s cremains last year and was so impressed! When my 17-year-old dog passed I knew what I wanted for her… the paw print globe. It is something that I can hold. When I stare into it, I see her swirling around carefree and full of energy.

It really does ease my pain of losing her and the paw print is like her ‘stamp she left on my heart.’ I can’t get that from an urn or box holding her ashes.

Thank you for my beautiful memorial of my Sammie, who was the last living thing of my late son… he rescued her as a pup and she was as faithful to me as she was to him.”
- Betty C. on the Paw Print Snowfall Orb with Cremation Ash by Jake 

Colored Beads With Cremation Ash

personalized memorial ornaments as sympathy gifts after the loss of a loved one
Nature's Love Beads with Cremains (3-Pack)

Beads are another handcrafted jewelry option that’s equally suitable for human or pet memorials.

To make these stunning memorial bead ornaments, cremains are mixed with a colored resin. The resin is set around a silver-colored metal grommet core.

Real moss and flower elements can also be mixed into the bead resin. Various colors can be selected to create vibrant beads with rich, dreamy, and cloudy shades of light.  This is a great solution if your pet loved to sniff flowers and roll around in nature.

“Losing my sweet Lola so unexpectedly was devastating. Being able to wear these beautiful beads with my Lola so close to me has brought me such peace. Thank you.” - Heidi S. on the Rainbow Beads with Infused Cremation Ash by Mira

Sterling Silver Opal Jewelry with Ash

opal jewelry with cremation ash from pets

If you're looking for a sparkly blingy way to remember your beloved pet, our opal cremation jewelry may be for you.  We infused a small amount of cremation ash from your dog or cat, no more than 1/4th teaspoon, into the resin mixed with crushed colorfully sparkly opal.  This is then set with UV light to permanently harden.  

We use only Sterling Silver to create these lovely memorials of your beloved pet, alloyed with copper with consideration to those with Nickel allergies.  

This Spirit Piece is something I'll cherish forever. Pictures don't do it justice. They blew my expectations out of the park with the quality & beauty of the ring and also the enclosed personal card. I've shared my experience with quite a few family and friends and they plan to order as well. ~ Amanda

Heart With Infused Cremation Ash

standing glass heart with ash

For pure expressions of love towards deceased companions, personalized heart-shaped glass ornaments are the perfect choice for many mourners.

Within the simple shape, glass artists are able to weave in incredibly rich strands of color and texture. Cremation ash swirls alongside streaks of colored glass to create a stunning, deeply layered work of art.

The heart shape inspires loving thoughts each time the piece is held or observed in memory of a lost pet.

“The piece is just as I hoped it would be. The colors are beautiful, with the brown and gold very much like the colors of my dear horse. It is a lovely and fitting tribute to my guy. Thank you for making this!” - Janet L. on the Field of Gold Giant Heart with Cremains by Ted 

A Lasting Tribute to a Departed Special Friend 

Loss is part of pet ownership. Losing a friend can be heartbreaking, but it’s an integral part of the human-pet bond.

We do our best to give our companions a good life, returning the love and joy that they bring to us. As they age and pass on, we’re there for them each step of the way.

The end of a pet’s life is a time in which we give back some of the love and comfort that they’ve given to us over the years.

Everyone says goodbye differently. Mourning can be private, reserved, and mostly kept internal. For others, it’s more of a shared experience. Some take comfort in creating and cherishing a physical remembrance.

At Spirit Pieces, we help you preserve the memory of a loved one that’s passed away. Personalized ornaments infused with cremains create beautiful and lasting tributes. Cremains ornaments are also moving gifts to provide to a loved one that’s experiencing loss.

If you’re curious about personalized cremation ash ornaments, we invite you to learn more about our unique process and view the work of our expert artists.

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