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Life Springs Eternal, Even for Dogwood Trees

doogwood tree

Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there lived a young dogwood tree. She was small and delicate, but full of life and energy. She had a loving father who stood tall and strong beside her. Her father was the oldest and the tallest tree in the forest, and he had seen many seasons come and go.

One day, a terrible forest fire broke out. The young dogwood tree was terrified, but her father told her to hold on tight and stay strong. He said that they would make it through together. But as the fire raged on, the heat and flames became too much for the old tree, and he collapsed to the ground, never to rise again.

The young dogwood tree was heartbroken. She felt alone and lost without her father. But as the days went by, she noticed something strange happening in the forest. New saplings were starting to grow where her father's tree had fallen. They were small and fragile, but they grew quickly, reaching up towards the sun.

As the years passed, the young dogwood tree watched in amazement as the new saplings grew taller and stronger. She noticed something else too. Each of the new trees had a special quality that reminded her of her father. One sapling had the same gnarled bark as her father, while another had the same beautiful pink flowers.

The young dogwood tree realized that her father's spirit was still alive in the forest, living on through the new saplings that had grown in his place. She felt comforted knowing that her father was still with her in some way, and she knew that she would never forget him.

And so the young dogwood tree grew tall and strong, just like her father. She watched over the new saplings, protecting them from harm, and reminding them of the strong and loving tree that had once stood where they now grew. And in the stillness of the forest, she could hear her father's spirit whispering to her, telling her that everything was going to be all right.


Inspired by our tree of life line.

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