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Mid-winter's Bean

bear in cave with urn

Once upon a time, in a dense forest nestled between two snow-capped mountains, there lived a bear cub named Bean. Bean was a curious little bear who loved to explore the forest and play with his animal friends.

Bean had a special bond with his grandfather, who taught him how to hunt for food, swim in the nearby river, and navigate through the forest. They spent many happy days together, with Bean listening intently to his grandfather's stories of the forest and its secrets.

One fateful summer, a devastating forest fire swept through the area. Despite the animals' efforts to save the forest, the fire raged out of control, consuming everything in its path. Bean's grandfather was caught in the flames and tragically did not survive.

Bean was heartbroken, and the loss of his grandfather left a gaping hole in his heart. But his grandfather had left him with a special gift: a small urn containing his ashes. Bean treasured this urn, and it brought him comfort during the cold and dark winter months.

As the snow began to fall, Bean retreated to his candlelit cave, where he would spend the winter months in hibernation. He would often gaze at the urn, remembering his grandfather's wise words and warm embrace.

As the months passed, the urn seemed to radiate a comforting warmth, almost as if his grandfather's love was still present. Bean would curl up next to the urn, feeling the warmth spread through his body.

When spring finally arrived, Bean emerged from his cave, eager to explore the forest once more. Although he still missed his grandfather dearly, he felt comforted by the memories and the warmth of his ashes.

From that day on, Bean carried his grandfather's ashes with him wherever he went, a constant reminder of the love and wisdom that his grandfather had shared with him. And although the forest had been forever changed by the fire, Bean knew that his grandfather's spirit lived on, guiding him through the trials and joys of life in the forest.

bear with urn

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