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Timmy The Turtle

a turtle under a rainbow

Once, there was a little turtle named Timmy who lived in a beautiful pond with his mother. Timmy's mother was the kindest and most loving turtle anyone had ever met. She always took care of Timmy and made sure he had everything he needed.

One day, a terrible illness swept through the pond and Timmy's mother became very sick. Despite all the care and love Timmy and the other turtles gave her, she eventually passed away and went to heaven.

Timmy was heartbroken. He missed his mother terribly and couldn't understand why she had to leave him. He spent his days swimming through the pond, looking up at the sky and wondering where his mother had gone.

One day, as he was swimming, he saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky. It was so bright and colorful that it caught Timmy's attention immediately. As he looked at the rainbow, he felt a warm, comforting presence and he knew it was his mother, watching over him from heaven.

From that day on, Timmy felt a little bit better. He still missed his mother, but he knew that she was always with him, watching over him and loving him. And he took comfort in the beautiful rainbows that appeared in the sky, knowing that they were a sign of his mother's love and presence.

Inspired by our memorial turtle collection with cremation ash.

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