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The Barn Owl

barn owls on roof

Once upon a time, in a small farm in the countryside, a young owl lived with his loving parents. He loved spending his days flying around the farm and playing with his parents. Life was peaceful, and the owl family enjoyed every moment of it.

But one day, tragedy struck. A careless farmer had tossed a cigarette that started a fire in the barn, and before they could escape, the young owl's parents were lost in the flames. The young owl was devastated, and for many days, he sat on the roof of the farm house, gazing out at the farm, missing his parents.

Days turned into weeks, and the young owl still missed his parents terribly. He felt alone and lost, wondering if he would ever feel happy again. But then one day, his uncle from the farm next door came to visit him. The uncle, who had also lost his brother and sister-in-law, understood what the young owl was going through.

The uncle spent time with the young owl, talking to him and sharing stories of his own childhood. The young owl listened intently and felt a bit better after talking to his uncle. He learned that it was okay to feel sad and that it was natural to miss his parents. But his uncle also reminded him that his parents would want him to be happy and find joy in life.

Slowly but surely, the young owl started to feel better. He began to notice the small things around him, like the beautiful sunrise in the morning or the cool breeze on a summer afternoon. He also started to make new friends with other animals on the farm and enjoyed playing with them.

As time passed, the young owl realized that his parents would always be a part of him, but he could also find happiness and joy in life again. He knew his parents would want him to live life to the fullest and cherish the happy moments.

And so, the young owl continued to fly around the farm, taking in all the beauty and joy around him, and he knew that his parents were watching over him, proud of the young owl he had become.

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