Dual Helix Memorial Flame - Two Sets of Ashes Together Forever

By Robert

This amazing solid glass Memorial Flame has two discreet helixes swirling around a purple inner core.  Each helix contains ash from a different person.  Wonderful ways to remember two people who loved each other. 

A artful creation of ashes it is about 4.5" high by 2.5" wide and 1" deep (approximately) and weights about 8 ounces.  The 7" version is about 3.5" wide 1" deep and weights about 13 ounces. 

This is both a wonderful way to remember someone special and to add a piece of art to your home.  Can be purchased with light stands to make them memorial nightlights.  Eligible for up to 20% on larger family-sized orders.

Once you order we'll send you a customized collection kit for the ashes once that is sent in we'll return the flame in 2-4 weeks.   This flame is currently only available in purple.  If engraved option is selected we'll send you a form - engravable for up to 30 characters (4.5") and 45 characters (7".)


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