Glass Penguin Figurine with Cremation Ashes

By Charles

This adorable penguin glass figurine set has been handmade by Charles and contains a small amount of cremation ash in the glass.  Comes in two different styles, a single penguin and a penguin pair (shown.)  In this case the penguin represents a taller older brother looking over a younger sister.  They stand together on an ice floe as a sweet reminder of a loving relationship and of a brother who loved penguins.

The penguins can be made to roughly the same size, or some adjustments in height and posture can be made to suit a specific relationship. Cremains can be added to one or both penguins, or added to the ice floe. In the penguins, the ash is added to the breast area and is again encased in glass, and is only lightly visible.  Taller penguin is 3" high; if ordering just one penguin that penguin would be 3" high.
Every sculpture will be different and unique.  Ships within 4 weeks of the collection kit return and uses about 1/4th a teaspoon of cremains.
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