Tri-Color Pyramid Flame with Cremation Ash

By Robert

These beautiful Pyramid Flames by Robert contain about 1/4th a teaspoon of cremation ash.  Made by hand using molten glass, Robert spirals the cremation ash into the glass along with colorful highlights. Available in 3.5" and 5.5" form.

Once you order we'll send you a customized collection kit for the ashes once that is sent in we'll return the flame in 2-4 weeks.   

If you want engraving for up to 30 characters we do offer a separate glass base with engraving for the flames at extra cost.  You can view/add to cart by viewing this link.  

For more information on how to order and to learn about our family discount program, add to cart and then click this link. Collection kit(s) are sent automatically and included in the price if you're ordering cremains infused products.

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