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Memorial Dog Keepsakes Ornaments at Red Bud Isle - Austin Texas

OrbDavid Blake

There's a lovely Island right beneath the Tom Miller Dam in Austin called Red Bud Isle; it's small but very scenic and is a very popular dog run park here in Austin.  I had some time Friday and needed some new shots of a Picasso and Rope orb so off I went.  I shot against the late day sun which warmed up quite a few of the images.  I also had a couple of people stop and say how lovely the orbs were and one ended up buying a Blue and Green Rope Orb much like the one pictures above. 

I was asked during this shoot a question that's come up a few times.  Could this glass dog memorial ornament contain a small amount of dog hair.  Unfortunately, we can't put dog hair in the keepsake due to the manufacturing process; the glass is 1800 degrees and it vaporizes any fur or hair.  While we would love to provide this service in our dog memorial ornaments, sadly we can't :(