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Types of Cremation Jewelry for Humans and Pets

cremation jewelry

Choosing cremation jewelry is unchartered (or hopefully uncharted) territory for most people. As ash jewelry has such personal significance and is often being selected during a particularly emotional time, the process can seem overwhelming.

Having an understanding of exactly what your options are can make choosing the perfect piece a little bit easier. If you are thinking about remembering a loved one, be they person or pet, in this unique and creative way, here are a few different memorial jewelry options you can consider.

Cremation Jewelry Necklaces

Keep the memory of a departed loved one alive with a tiny bit of his or her cremains close to your heart with a cremation necklace? Cremation jewelry can be accessorized with cremation beads and cremation pendants that come in a number of shapes and sizes, as well as options for materials, such as glass, silver, resin and even wood.

You can also choose from tiny keepsake urn necklaces or have a small amount of cremation ash infused right into the jewelry itself. In the latter case, the ashes are mixed into the pendant material at time of formation with the ashes forever encased and kept safe.

At Spirit Pieces, we specialize in cremation jewelry pendants and ash rings that are made with the ashes of your loved ones safely encased (infused) within the necklace for ashes. Much of our work is either glass, crystal resin or sterling silver urn jewelry. A few other materials are available, including Titanium men's jewelry and Acrylic Keepsake urns.

We also do have a small collection of sterling silver cremation urn keepsakes that can be filled by yourself of the funeral home. This is ideal for those who don't feel comfortable returning their cremation ashes via the mail.

Cremation Jewelry Rings

For keeping your loved one close to hand, memorial cremation ring is a great option. Like necklaces and pendants, memorial rings come in a wide variety of styles and colors. For instance, some are made entirely of crystal resin that is infused with the cremains of a dearly departed person or pet. Others look like traditional rings but feature a glass bead or charm that contains the ashes.

At Spirit Pieces, we focus on crystal resin rings and sterling silver rings. The later we mix with crushed opal and cremation ash to create beautiful sparkly cremation rings with both human and pet cremation ashes.

Cremation Jewelry Earrings

Memorial cremation earrings can be a beautiful tribute to the life of a loved one lost. You can choose from a number of styles, such as studs and drop earrings, and select your preferred material. Options include beautiful, durable and lightweight crystal resin, stunning glass that is infused with a small amount of ashes, and more. Cremation earrings also come in a variety of different colors and designs, so you can really personalize them according your own preferences.

At Spirit Pieces, we have cremation earrings made from Crystal Resin, Sterling Silver and Glass. These are all wonderful for remembering your loved ones with memorial jewelry.

One caveat with earrings, be sure you understand if there are any metal allergies to the receiver.  While rare, allergies to silver is a thing.  If you want to read more about metal allergies, Wikipedia has a great article on it.

Cremation Jewelry Bracelets

Another lovely option for cremation jewelry for ashes is a cremation bracelet. As with the other jewelry options, memorial bracelets are available in a variety of styles, designs, colors and materials. For example, there are some that come in adjustable cuff style with infused cabochons.

Others are more traditional in style featuring glass beads that contain a sprinkling of cremains. Some allow you to personalize them even further by selecting different colors – either your favorite of that of the loved on you are honoring. Additional charms and non-cremation oriented beads (i.e. Pandora beads) can be added.

Spirit Pieces carries both glass and crystal resin beads.  We also carry an exciting line of opal and semi-precious beaded healing bracelets.

Other Memorial Jewelry Options

In addition to the types of cremation jewelry listed above, there are several other options for using jewelry to remember a departed loved one. For instance, you could choose a charm or pendant that represents their personality or has special meaning to you. There is even jewelry that can be inscribed with the deceased’s fingerprint and/or handwriting. It doesn’t get much more personalized than that!

How Do I Order Cremation Jewelry?

The process for having a piece of memorial jewelry created is surprisingly easy. Simply choose the type of jewelry you’d like and customize it accordingly (i.e. your preferred style, color, size, etc.). When you place your order, we'll send you a free collection kit for the ashes.

You don’t have to send a lot. Most pieces only require around 1/4th of a teaspoon. Once the kit is returned, the jewelry will be hand-made just for you, using the cremains you sent. In most cases, the finished piece is sent back within 4-6 weeks.

Cremation jewelry is a unique and beautiful way to carry a little piece of your loved one with you everywhere you go. And with so many options available to you, you’re sure to find the perfect piece that will capture and preserve that person’s memory forever.

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