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Mike H

I’ve been interested in glass blowing ever since I was a child. Later in life I had taken some glass blowing classes, but it was always ‘too expensive’, or ‘I didn’t have enough time’ to really pursue it full time. After my wife passed due to complications with cancer, I realized that life was too short and decided to blow glass for a career. I feel that with making memorial glass, I have come full circle and I am grateful to be able to help others remember their loves ones.

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Michael T

I have always had an affinity for glass and have been working with it for 46 years, 8 years with stained glass, and 38 years blowing glass. My work covers most product categories and has recently included memorial objects incorporating cremains. It feels good to be making objects that have meaning for the people they are created for and hopefully go some small way to help them deal with their grief and to remember the deceased.

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Misha has been blowing glass since 1995. She currently resides in Oregon and finds her passion in making memorial marbles and pendants. "Thank you for allowing me the privilege of helping you and your loved ones find peace. Memorial art is my most personal and valued body of work, and I feel very blessed to have the skills necessary to offer this service to others. Your loved one's cremains will be treated as sacred and with as much love, respect, and consideration as I give my own family, friends, and pets." ~ Misha

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Rachel, hailing from Minnesota, has been working with glass for over 20 years. Below are paperweight styles she's created that have been infused with cremains from your loved ones (people and pets.) The cremation ash is mixed into the molten glass at the time of formation with various colors and designs added in to give the glass depth and beauty.

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Robert studio is located in a rural community in the Sierra Nevada foothills. Built in 2012, it has been the portal for his creative endeavors. With over 22 years of experience as a glass artist, Robert is passionate about combining color, texture, and form into each piece.

With established craftsmanship and experimentation, he concentrates on the importance of quality and originality. Inspired by natural elements found locally and during travel, he blends them into his work.

“Working with Spirit Pieces has been a rewarding experience. Being involved in the healing
process for so many people has expanded my purpose for making glass. I appreciate all of the
letters and stories I receive from my clients.”

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Ryan H.

Ryan lampworks cremation jewelry with borosilicate glass in specialized propane/oxygen torch flames. The cremation remains are fused with the glass by dipping molten glass into a small collection of the ashes. Layers of glass are applied over the cremation remains, encasing them forever inside the glass pendants.

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Ashley is a self taught silversmith specializing in highly personalized jewelry made from your pet's actual prints, cremations, fingerprints, handwriting, and more. She began creating jewelry in 2011, after looking for a necklace with her first born's name on it and failing to find anything she felt spoke for the overwhelming amount of love she had for him. Her first cremation piece was created shortly after with her own father's ashes. Her work and techniques are ever-evolving as she aims to help her customers embrace and champion over their grief, something she struggles with herself.

Ashley grew up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and relocated to North Carolina in her early twenties. She lives among the Blue Ridge Mountains- just outside of Asheville- with her two beautiful and wild sons and her woodworking Veteran husband.

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Tyler owns and operates a glassblowing studio in Missouri. He designs and creates everything from fine lighting to outdoor installations, pedestal art to memorial pieces. His passion has been within the material of glass since 1999 and he has shown in over 100 shows internationally through galleries and museums. When not crafting out fine pieces of glass, Tyler enjoys traveling and eating well with loved ones.

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I have been honored to create touchstones for thousands of people over the last 10 years, and working with Spirit Pieces is the perfect fit for me. Creating beauty from ashes brings comfort to grieving families, and it is the most rewarding work I have ever done.

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Rob Leurs

See You Memorial Jewelry is designed by Rob Leurs, an authority in memorial jewelry who has been in the jewelry business for over 38 years.

The defining characteristic of our keepsake jewelry is the integration of visible ashes, hair, fingerprints or milk teeth into the design of every piece with our special resin.
With this collection, we wish to provide you with the beauty and elegance that you will cherish along with your memories. With our innovative and distinguished designs, we were recently nominated for the International Funeral Award. We take pride in our history of quality workmanship and we are confident that our jewelry will meet ones satisfaction in everyday wear.

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I began my love affair with trees after taking a landscape painting class in college. Over the years I have tried many different mediums including watercolor, photography and drawing but it wasn't until I discovered copper as a medium that I found my true passion. Copper allows me to create a tree that I can hold in my hand. Now as an artist with Spirit Pieces I have the honor of combining my passion for trees with the precious gift of memorializing a loved one. I am so thankful to be part of such and amazing company.

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Wendy Bradley has owned and operated a family owned ceramic studio for over 20 years. What started as a hobby has become a full time profession. She loves working with Spirit Pieces because we provide a beautiful way to help grieving clients commemorate lost loves.



I have been active in the art community for close to ten years and am a proud member of the Spirit Pieces team. Art can be healing and I believe that what we do is incredibly special. Each of my pieces is made with the utmost care. I really hope that each and every piece we send out brings comfort to those in need.

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Courtney is a glass and jewelry artist specializing in lampworked (torched) glass. Her work is largely inspired by nature and she strives to create miniature artworks in glass and precious metals.

"From intricately woven wires, to hammer-forged metalwork, to multiple layers of glass, my work is very detail oriented. I live for that fusion of design, color, heat and handiwork."

Her jewelry apprenticeship began in 1994 and was spent studying under master jewelers. Eventually, moving on to support small town jewelry stores as well as large corporate jewelers with repairs and custom orders.
Courtney started her glass working journey in 2000 and is entirely self taught. Combining her glass and jewelry designs became her main pursuit in 2012.

Previously selling her work at regional fine art and craft shows, her focus has lately turned to cremation memorials. She uses a propane/oxygen mix torch to encase cremation ashes with melted glass and then creates jewelry to be worn and cherished as family heirlooms and memorials.

"It is an honor and privilege to create beautiful and meaningful pieces to help memorialize our loved ones. I am very grateful to be able to be a part of these memorials through Spirit Pieces. I receive such amazing feedback, cards, photos, etc. which tells me how much these pieces mean to our clients. It's an incredible feeling and very rewarding knowing that I have had a hand in such a profoundly meaningful impact on their lives."

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We're thrilled to be working with some of the leading memorial glass artists found in the US. From paperweights to hummingbirds they infuse the cremains of the beloved departed into heirloom quality memorial glass. Meet our artists and learn more about why the love working with Spirit Pieces here.