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A short story of a young arctic fox who lost his grandfather and the grief that followed

arctic fox with cub at sunset

Once upon a time, in the icy wilderness of the Arctic, there lived a young arctic fox named Koda. He lived with his family in a cozy den near a frozen river. Koda loved playing with his siblings and exploring the icy tundra. But most of all, he loved listening to his grandfather's stories about hunting on the ice.

One winter day, Koda's grandfather went out to hunt on the ice as he had done many times before. However, the ice was thin that day, and unfortunately, his grandfather fell through and was unable to get out. Koda's family searched for him but they could not find him. Days passed, and they eventually had to accept that he was gone forever. Koda was heartbroken. His grandfather had been his hero, his mentor, and his best friend.

Koda couldn't bear the thought of never seeing his grandfather again. He didn't want to play with his siblings or go out to explore. He just wanted to be alone and think about his grandfather. His mother noticed that he was sad and tried to comfort him, but Koda was too upset to be consoled.

Days turned into weeks, and Koda's sadness lingered. However, one day his mother brought him a piece of fish that his grandfather had caught on his last hunting trip. She told Koda that it was a reminder that his grandfather was still with them, watching over them. She reminded Koda of all the happy memories they had shared together and how proud his grandfather was of him. Koda's mother also told him that his grandfather would want him to be strong and to keep exploring the world around him.

Koda slowly began to feel better. He remembered the good times he had shared with his grandfather and the lessons he had taught him. Koda realized that even though his grandfather was no longer with them physically, his spirit and love would always be with them.

From then on, Koda found comfort in the memories of his grandfather and continued to explore the Arctic wilderness. He knew that his grandfather would be proud of him for being brave and strong, just like he had always taught him to be.

A story written in honor of our new Arctic pendant in our bliss cremation necklace collection. 

arctic fox on beach at sunset with mom

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