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Ruby the Robin says Goodbye to her Grandmother

ruby and mom

And now a short story of how a robin lost her grandmother and a Spirit Piece helped her find closure....

Once upon a time, there was a little robin named Ruby. She lived in a beautiful forest on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Ruby loved nothing more than soaring through the skies with her grandmother, a wise and adventurous robin who taught her everything she knew about flying.

One day, Ruby and her grandmother were on one of their usual flights over the Rockies when tragedy struck. Ruby's grandmother suddenly fell ill and could no longer keep up with Ruby's pace. As they were flying over the rugged mountains, Ruby's grandmother slowly descended, eventually passing away before she could reach the ground.

Ruby was heartbroken. She had lost her beloved grandmother, mentor, and best friend in the world. She could not bear the thought of never flying with her again. The world seemed gray and empty without her grandmother's cheerful chatter and wisdom.

Ruby's mother, seeing her daughter's sadness, decided to do something to help her feel better. She gave Ruby a beautiful Spirit Piece ring, telling her that it was a way to keep her grandmother close to her heart forever. The ring was made of a small piece of her grandmother's favorite crystal, which had been infused with her spirit.

As Ruby put on the ring, she felt a sense of comfort and peace. She could sense her grandmother's presence, and the ring reminded her that her grandmother was still with her, watching over her and flying by her side. Ruby felt a warmth spread through her, and the world seemed a little brighter.

From that day on, Ruby wore her Spirit Piece cremation ring everywhere she went, and whenever she felt sad or lonely, she would look at it, and she would feel her grandmother's love and support. She knew that her grandmother was still with her, and that she would always be there to guide her through the skies, no matter where her adventures might take her.

Ruby never forgot her grandmother, but with her Spirit Piece ring, she was able to find solace and happiness again. She learned that even though life could be tough and painful at times, the love and support of family and friends would always be there to help her through.

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