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Grandma's Dragonfly

girl with dragonfly

Once upon a time, in a small Swedish village, nestled between towering mountains and a glistening river, there lived a young girl named Hildya. Hildya lived in a cozy cabin with her beloved grandmother, who had raised her since she was a baby. The cabin was surrounded by a lush green valley, full of wildflowers and tall trees.

Hildya and her grandmother were inseparable. They would spend their days tending to the garden, cooking meals, and reading books. Her grandmother would share stories of her own childhood and teach Hildya about the importance of kindness, compassion, and respect for nature. They were each other's best friends, and Hildya could not imagine a world without her grandmother.

But one day, in the early spring, her grandmother suddenly fell ill. Hildya was heartbroken as she watched her grandmother's health slowly deteriorate. Hildya did everything in her power to care for her grandmother, but despite her efforts, her grandmother passed away in May.

Hildya was devastated. She had lost the one person in the world who loved her unconditionally. She felt lost, alone, and unsure of how to carry on without her grandmother's guidance and love.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, but Hildya remained inconsolable. She spent most of her days in the wildflower meadow behind her cabin, where she and her grandmother used to play and collect wildflowers. The meadow was her sanctuary, a place where she could be alone with her thoughts and her grief.

One day, while Hildya was sitting in the meadow, she noticed a group of dragonflies fluttering about. She watched them for a few minutes, transfixed by their beauty and grace. Suddenly, one of the dragonflies left the group and flew directly towards Hildya. The dragonfly hovered around her, as if trying to get her attention.

Hildya stared in wonder at the beautiful creature, and as she watched, she suddenly realized that it was her grandmother's spirit. Tears streamed down her face as she felt a sense of comfort and joy knowing that her grandmother was still watching over her.

The dragonfly flew closer and closer to Hildya, and she reached out her hand to touch it. As she did, she felt a warm and loving energy that she recognized as her grandmother's embrace. Hildya smiled through her tears, feeling grateful for the visit and the sense of peace that it brought her.

Over the next few days, Hildya saw the dragonfly again and again. Every time she saw it, she felt a sense of calm and reassurance. It was as if her grandmother was sending her a message, telling her that she was still with her and that she would always love her.

Hildya shared the story of the dragonfly with her closest friends in the village, and word quickly spread. People began to flock to the meadow to see the dragonfly, and Hildya became known as the girl who had seen her grandmother's spirit in the form of a dragonfly.

Some people were skeptical, dismissing the story as a fairy tale. But for Hildya, the dragonfly was real, and it gave her the strength to carry on. She knew that her grandmother's spirit was still with her, watching over her from above.

As the years passed, Hildya grew up and left the village to explore the world. She traveled to far-off places, met new people, and had many adventures. But no matter where she went, she always carried the memory of her grandmother with her. Whenever she felt lost or alone, she would close her eyes and remember the dragonfly, and the warm embrace of her grandmother's spirit.


Drakflygarna dansar över ängen,
och där ser jag min älskade igen.

Min mormor är här, i varje flyktig vinge,
och hennes närvaro är som en varm omfamning.

De flyger runt mig, i en virvlande dans,
och jag känner mig lugn och trygg en stund.

De påminner mig om att min mormor är kvar,
och att hon alltid finns här för mig, som en stjärna i natten.

Drakflygarna är en symbol för livets gång,
förändring och förnyelse, men också för tro.

De visar mig att min mormor inte är borta,
att hon lever vidare i allt som är vackert och gott.

Så när jag tittar upp på himlen,
och ser en drakflygning i solnedgången,
då känner jag en inre frid,
och min mormor är där,
bland drakarna på vingen.

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The dragonflies dance over the meadow,
and there I see my beloved one again.
My grandmother is here, in every fleeting wing,
and her presence is like a warm embrace.

They fly around me, in a swirling dance,
and I feel calm and safe for a moment.
They remind me that my grandmother is still here,
and that she is always there for me, like a star in the night.

The dragonflies are a symbol of life's journey,
change and renewal, but also of faith.
They show me that my grandmother is not gone,
that she lives on in everything that is beautiful and good.

So when I look up at the sky,
and see a dragonfly flight in the sunset,
then I feel an inner peace,
and my grandmother is there, among the dragons on the wing.


young girl dragonfly

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